Apple Watch: How to Rearrange Your Apps

Apple Watch lays the icons for its built-in apps and the apps you add in a cluster on the Home screen. Although you can easily navigate the Home screen to see apps, many users prefer to rearrange the apps into their preferred pattern so that they can quickly launch the apps they use most. The apps can be rearranged by using the App Layout screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone or by working directly on Apple Watch.

How To Organize Apple Watch App Layout [Video]

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How to Rearrange Apps

  • On iPhone, press Home and the Home screen will appear.
  • On the Home screen, tap Apple Watch to open the Apple Watch app.
  • Now tap My Watch to view the My Watch screen.
  • Tap App Layout.
  • When the App Layout screen appears, tap and hold the icon you want to move. That icon will become mobile.
  • Drag the icon where you want it to appear. Release it.
  • Repeat the same steps to move other icons.

Note that the changes you make on the App Layout screen appear almost instantly on Apple Watch.

How to Rearrange Icons on Apple Watch Itself

  • To rearrange the icons on Apple Watch itself, click the Digital Crown to display the Home Screen.
  • Now tap and hold the icon until the icons start to jiggle.
  • Tap and drag an icon to move it.
  • Click the Digital Crown to end customizing the screen.

A Few Tips about Best Ways to Organize Apps

  • Action Categories: You can create folders by concept, for example, if you consult Wikipedia often or listen to your iTunes, you can easily center your organization on these concepts. Just create folders which will reflect the best action word associated with the apps you frequently need while working or playing with your apps.
  • Organizing in Rows: You can easily organize your apps around central themes. To do this just assign each row its own theme. For example, you may have a news row, a maps row, a social media row, a family matters row, and so on.
  • Center Your Apps around Colors: Many people are visual learners and thus they differentiate items by colors. It means that your best organizational scheme might center around color. For example, we all know that Skype features a primarily green icon, while Facebook is largely blue and Google Plus is white. Thus we can drag Facebook next to Twitter which is also blue and select the best convenient color code for any app. This is a great method for cases when we relate first to the application image rather than its function, or when the user relates first on image.
  • Organizing by Frequency: Every user has a few apps he or she relies on everyday. For these cases you may want to minimize time spent searching for icons. Instead you will maximize time spent getting the information you are looking for. So try to organize apps by frequency, as this will be of real help. An interesting way to accomplish this is by assigning each home screen to a level of frequency. The first screen can include the items you use everyday. Then you can swipe once and find the items you use a few times a week. Next, you can swipe another time and find the lesser used apps.
  • Break out the Widgets: Widgets are a great way to quickly access a lot of information. By plopping a widget onto one of your home screens, you can manage space. Indeed, you widgets will be a great organizational tool if you want to collect key information without additional clicks.
  • Use One Central Home Screen with Folders: One of the great things about modern electronic devices is their flexibility with number of home screens. If you like to swipe a lot, you can have multiple screens. On the contrary, if you prefer a simpler start point, you can center everything on one screen. Now you can fit everything in via folders.
  • SmartBar: Note that this is an Android tool. SmartBar combines several features in an easy to access centralized manner. Rather than having to click through to find the app you are looking for to perform the needed task on your smartphone, you can simply access it in a click or two with this feature. With this tool set up on your home screen, you can organize all the applications you want around this powerful feature.
  • Hand Position: Another very simple method of organizing your applications is ease of use when holding. We all know that everyone prefers to hold their phone in a slightly different way. Of course, this particular position will likely be the configuration the user uses to open most of the applications. This particularity can be a useful organizational tool. To perform the trick, simply place the apps you use most often closest to the finger you use most when you operate your phone. It is easy to understand that whether this is your thumb or index finger, this organizational scheme can increase the speed at which you operate your smartphone.


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