Apple Watch: How to Edit Your Health Data

Apple Watch nudges you to greater activity, to assure this, it monitors your weight, height, age and sex. The device needs all these data to get accurate readings for your Motion & Fitness tracking. This information is supplied when the user first runs the Activity app. The user can subsequently change the information as needed by using the Health screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Using Apple Watch + Health App – How I Use Them To Motivate Myself To Be More Healthy [Video]

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How to Edit Your Health Data

  • On iPhone, press Home, and the Home screen will appear.
  • Tap Apple Watch and the Apple Watch app will open.
  • Tap My Watch, and he My Watch screen will appear.
  • Tap Health, and the Health screen will appear.
  • Now tap Edit, and the data opens for editing.
  • Tap the item you want to change, and the data for changing that info appears.
  • Turn the dial to set your new info and tap Done.
  • Tap My Watch, and the My Watch screen appears again.

A Few Other Apps Related to Health, Fitness, Sports and Similar Issues

Brainess: Ignore arguments that brain-training games really do train the brain, or provide even the remotest accuracy when awarding you a brain age score. Instead, revel in the fact that Brainess is a suitably entertaining distraction for your Apple Watch, its quick micro-games being suited both to the device and also the amount of time you want to hold your arm aloft playing. You get the usual suspects here: memory tests; number games; card pairing; and that sneaky game that tries to trip you up in matching colors and words.

Slope: Having detailed speed, altitude and distance stats to hand when careening down a mountain on skis or a snowboard is all very well, but an iPhone’s not the best of devices to access during such occasions. Slopes therefore enables you to start recording data right from your Apple Watch, gives you important stats on your wrist, and has a Glance view for figuring out how much time you’ve spent zooming along on snow compared to riding boring lifts.

CAROT Fit: The CARROT series puts a new spin on tired app categories, and this one’s all about the 7-minute workout. The malevolent CARROT AI puts you through your paces, doing ‘Celebrity Face Punches’ and ‘Dragon Mating Dances’. Start your workout and your Apple Watch can become a heads-up display, so you know what exercise you should be doing – or can pause things for a bit if your body’s about to break.

Sleep++: This app uses the motion-tracking capabilities of your Apple Watch. The idea is to monitor the duration and quality of your sleep, potentially helping you make changes if you’re restless (or, say, mucking about on Facebook until 2 am every night and wondering why you’re always so tired the next day). There’s a complication and optional integration with HealthKit, and the developer has blogged about tips for keeping your Watch charged if you’re wearing it all night. Also, as of watchOS 3, the app will analyse your sleep as you sleep, so you’ll see your data within moments of waking up.

7 Minute Workout Seven: We’ve lost count of how many seven-minute workout apps there are for Apple Watch (way more than seven), but this clumsily named one makes our list through taking full advantage of watchOS 3. You get all the usual routines and diagrams, but also pulse recording and a complication for a ‘7 Month Challenge’ (to do the workout across that period); additionally, your workout helps to fill your Apple Watch’s exercise rings.

Runtastic: With watchOS 3, Runtastic can access your heart rate data along with displaying details of your run on the wrist. Of course, if you want GPS tracking you still need to take a phone along, but you’ll return with richer data than any other Apple Watch fitness app.

Round Health: If you’ve a medical condition, ensuring you take and have enough pills can be vital for living a healthy and happy life. On iPhone, Round Health provides a straightforward interface for setting up lists of what to take and when, handily providing ‘windows’ during which something should be taken, and giving you a nudge when your pills are running low. On Apple Watch, everything’s very much simplified, with just a list of today’s pills and an optional complication that acts as a reminder. Still, simple is effective in this space, and Round Health does the job. (Also, the system’s arguably flexible enough to use for non-health reminders, if you happen to like the interface.)

Runkeeper: One of the biggest names in mobile fitness, Runkeeper is making a play for Apple Watch Series 2 owners. Although the app already enabled you to leave your iPhone at home while running, with Apple’s latest hardware and watchOS 3, Runkeeper takes advantage of GPS functionality to provide richer stats and a map of your exploits. There’s also a customizable activity screen, so you get the metrics you want while hoofing it along, and haptic vibrations as you hit set distances.

(Source of the info: The Best Apple Watch Apps).


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