Apple Watch: How to Use Entertainment Apps on Apple Watch

Using Apple Watch and its functionalities, you can keep yourself entertained in various ways. Indeed, many third-party developers create entertainment apps. If you explore them, you’ll find everything from enjoying music to keeping up with your favorite sports, from browsing social networking, to reading e-books. Here come some of these useful apps:

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How to Use Entertainment Apps on Apple Watch


The ESPN app enables users to stay up to date with the latest sports news and scores on Apple Watch. After signing in to your ESPN account and specifying your favorite teams for a wide range of sports, you can use Apple Watch to catch up with the latest headlines, view the current scores for ongoing games or read short news items. at Bat

This app is the official app of Major League Baseball provides a wealth of baseball information. After specifying your favorite teams, you can quickly view game results on-screen, catch up with news stories or read headlines. at Bat’s Lite version provides essential information for free. This app is a good match for Apple Watch. If you use at Bat extensively on iPhone or iPad, you may want to check out the monthly and yearly subscriptions that provide access to premium features.


Shazam app helps you to identify a song that is playing within earshot. After launching the app, you tap Shazam button to start the app listening to the song. Shazam will search for a match on its extensive database and (assuming it finds one) displays the song name and details. Shazam can also display lyrics for many songs, sparing you the effort of deciphering the words and helping you to learn songs quickly.

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio app enables you to listen to a streaming music service. This app automatically creates personalized radio stations based on a wide variety of music, on your favorite artists, composers, songs, music genres, enabling you to explore different music in a particular area of interest.

Pandora Radio has a free version which is ad-supported. This version enables you to create up to 100 personalized radio stations that play the types of music you prefer. If you subscribe to Pandora Radio to enjoy the music without ads.


This app is an app for identifying and discovering music. To identify the music that is currently playing nearby, tap the SoundHound button, which listens the song or the melody, and then looks up the music in its database (which updates regularly). If the app finds a match, it displays the song’s details. These details may include lyrics that move in real time with the music, thus you can follow along.

On Apple Watch, SoundHound app enables you to browse songs you have looked up before. The iPhone app has more extensive capabilities for browsing and exploring music.


This app is a social reader app. It can display books in the widely used ePub format. If you create an account using the Glose app on iPhone, you can download books from the Glose store. The store has some free books, including classics, but for other books you’ll have to pay.

The Glose app on Apple Watch syncs your e-books from the Glose app on iPhone. It is possible then to browse other readers’ highlights on the Feed screen, or swipe left to reach the book you want. Then you can start reading the book.

Trivia Crack

This is an entertaining quiz game. You can play it on both iPhone and Apple Watch. After signing in to Trivia Crack (you can sign in either directly or through your Facebook account) you’ll be able to play the game either against your friends or against random strangers.

On Apple Watch, you tap the screen to spin the will. Next you attempt to answer questions to win the different gadgets. All the questions spa a good range of general knowledge. You can customize the question set for the country you prefer.


This app enables you to connect Apple Watch to the Instagram picture- and video-sharing service so that you can keep up to date with the latest happenings. When you log in to your Instagram account, either directly or by using Facebook, you can choose to browse your Instagram feed or view recent activity among those you are following.

You can view photos, you can view the comments, rate the photos, vies the profiles of other Instagram users.


The Foursquare app helps you to find nearby places with drink, food, entertainment that may interest you. The Foursquare Glance helps you to see Foursquare’s best tip for wherever you currently are, or tap the Foursquare Glance to go to the app to search for or browse places for coffee, food, nightlife, interest or fun. When you find a place you want to remember, you can save it so that you can access it quickly from the Saved list.


This app helps you to use Apple Watch to keep up with the Twitter micro-blogging service. You can browse the Timeline or Top Trends. You can view the latest tweets with their photos, you can also post tweets yourself by dictating text, by choosing an emoticon, by using a mixture of the two.

The Twitter app picks up your Twitter settings from iPhone, so you can get started immediately. You can choose two settings from Apple Watch screen: Set the Show in Glances switch to On if you want the Twitter Glance to appear in Glances, then tap Glance Type and choose between Recent Tweet and Top Trend.


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