How to Read and Manage Your Messages on Apple Watch

On Apple Watch, the Messages app enables you to read the messages on the screen and reply to them. You can also delete the messages you no longer need. To browse the messages, you must launch the Messages app from the Home screen. Then tap the conversation you want to view. You can also view a new message by tapping the notification that Apple Watch displays when the message arrives.

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How to Read and Manage Your Messages on Apple Watch

Reading and Managing Messages From Its Notifications

When Messages receives a new message, Apple Watch displays a notification consisting of the Messages icon and the sender’s name.

  • Tap the notification, and the message will appear.
  • You can tap Reply to start a reply to the message.
  • You can tap Dismiss to dismiss the notification.

Reading and Managing Messages in the Messages App

  • Lift your wrist, and the watch face will appear.
  • Click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Messages to open the Messages app.
  • A blue dot on the Messages screen will indicate an unread message.
  • Tap the message you want to read, and the message will open. Now you can tap Reply to reply to the message.
  • Tap the sender’s name, and the Messages screen will open again.
  • Tap the next message you want to read.
  • When you are done with message, swipe the message to the left. The Details icon and the Trash icon will appear.
  • Tap Trash to delete the message. The Trash screen will appear.
  • Tap Trash to confirm the deletion. Messages will delete the message.

Some of Apps for Messaging on Apple Watch

Confide: Confide is one of the best messaging app out there for the Apple Watch, as well as one of the best messaging apps for the iPhone. The security thing is very much a part of the messaging process, and Confide does this like no other app. Basically, this app eliminates the words as you read them to ensure that the only person reading your information and personal messages is you and nobody else.

KakaoTalk: The Apple Watch and wearable tech in general is putting technology and electronic devices within reach of our fingertips like never before. KakaoTalk has existed on the market before, but it updated their messaging app to include Apple Watch support. Users can easily get notifications from KakaoTalk on their wrist, respond to friends using emoticons or preset replies. Users can only to just dictate a message.

Skype: Of course Skype remains one of the biggest names in the world of communication. Skype app is worth considering as one of the best messaging options out there on the Apple Watch. With Skype you can easily message your contacts using your watch.

Cord: Cord app specializes in short voice messages. Thos app basically takes the idea that, while you tap out a message using the iPhone keypad, on the Apple Watch it comes down to short preset message options or dictating a message. And why sit and speak to Siri for her to transcribe stuff, if you can just record quick voice messages and send them to your contacts with the tap of a wrist?

Glide: Glide has video calling capabilities. This video messaging app works just great on the iPhone and has transferred much of this ability to the Apple Watch. The user can begin viewing a video message even as the sender is in the process of recording it, but it will always be slightly behind. This is because there is no camera in the Apple Watch, and so videos originate from the iPhone!

Line: This app allows you to easily check your messages and respond to friends. The Apple Watch app is also stripped down somewhat, with less emojis and added content, but is still a solid messaging app and.

Avaamo: Avaamo offers secure messaging with an emphasis on those in the world of business. Avaamo is fully cross platform, and is great since you can easily share files between colleagues, or even locations should you need to meet up for a business meeting or whatever.

Apple Messages: Finally, the Apple Messages app itself, which like the iPhone comes built in. The use of this app is very natural. The user basically receives a message with a tap, using Apple’s Taptic technology, and an alert will also sound unless you have it on silent. But in the age of vibrating phones, it’s nice to have a more subtle and immediately accessible messaging notification. To dismiss the message you simply lower your wrist, and if you want to reply you simply scroll down the Digital Crown to Reply. You can then pick from a list of preconfigured options, or dictate a response yourself.



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