How to Uninstall App from iPhone and Apple Watch

How to Delete Apple Watch Apps – Tutorial [Video]

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The Apple Watch has thousands of apps already. Many more apps are to come to perform many useful or not so useful actions and transactions, or just to amaze you. But how do you take them off your Apple Watch, when you no longer need them or when you feel an app is not what you were searching altogether. Well, if you no longer need an App either on iPhone or on Apple Watch, you can easily uninstall the app you don’t want to keep from both devices. To uninstall this app or apps, you must work from the Home screen on iPhone. When you uninstall an app from iPhone, it automatically removes it from Apple Watch as well.

How to Uninstall App from iPhone and Apple Watch

  • On iPhone, press Home, and the Home screen will appear.
  • Swipe left or right to navigate to the Home screen that contains the app you no longer need and want to remove.
  • Tap and hold the app’s icon until the icons start to jiggle.
  • Tap Delete on the icon, and the Delete dialog box will appear.
  • Tap Delete again. The iPhone deletes the app. The app’s icon disappears.
  • iPhone removes also the companion app from Apple Watch.
  • Press Home, and the icons stop jiggling.

Note. After you had uninstalled an app from both iPhone and Apple Watch, if you need to reinstall the app, you can do so by using the App Store app on iPhone.

A Few Final Notes

Keep in mind that the apps download and install on your Apple Watch automatically. That is, when you first set up your Apple Watch (or if you reset it any time after), and you download an iPhone app on iPhone, and this app works with Apple Watch, your Apple Watch app installs them as well on your watch. That also means that any iPhone app update will also update the app installed on your Apple Watch. In this way, however, the happy owner of an Apple Watch could quickly add up to dozens, or hundreds, of apps on his tiny gadget. Indeed, Apps don’t take up much space on the watch so far. You can install hundreds of them with photos and songs, and only use about one fifth or so of of storage on the Apple Watch.

Today, many third-party app developers are releasing Apple Watch apps every day or so. Actually what the developers are doing is updating already existing iPhone apps, which have proved their usefulness, and building in an Apple Watch app right inside. Some of these apps can just show quick news headlines, and some other can act as remotes for playing streaming. There are apps which show useful information, such as current weather reports or latest sports scores. These tiny and multi-layered widgets, can help you use your iPhone or access features. Unfortunately, many of them run slowly and load information too slowly. Let’s say, they act more slowly than you might expect. This happens because these apps are using your connection to your iPhone to load information back and forth.

All of these third-party apps can’t run without your iPhone on (but we are talking about the third-party apps. Instead, Apple’s pre-installed apps, such as Activity, Workout, Music app and so on, all of them can run independently, for the most part. They say that Apple will eventually allow third-party apps to work on your Apple Watch independently too, but right now it is still impossible). So, third-party apps don’t use all the Apple Watch’s built-in features yet. There will be a full-fledged native third-party apps on Apple Watch in the recent future, allowing deeper access to functions, while working away from your iPhone. But let’s repeat, at the moment, most third-party apps feel simplified and not nearly as complex as your average iPhone app.

Anyway, much of the apps work in the background on your connected iPhone. A few apps, like Maps and Runkeeper, launch apps on the iPhone. That means you could let your iPhone do other things while letting the apps run. For example, you could watch a movie on your iPhone, but and still access Apple Watch apps to get news or look for a place to eat nearby.

Note also that as with the iPhone and iPad, you can’t uninstall Apple’s own pre-installed apps. Don’t spend time trying.



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  • I want to remove Runkeeper from my iPhone. The directions say to hold down the icon on this app on your iPhone. the app will wiggle and then you can remover it, But when I hold down the Runkeeper app on my iPhone it does not wiggle or wriggle so I can’t remove it according to the instructions. How can I remove it thanks

    • Hi, Kathy.

      Check if the app in a waiting mode. If it is, close the app and try to delete it with a long tap as instructed. If the icon doesn’t response this time, go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions, find Deleting Apps and slide it on. If the app is still here, go to Settings -> General -> iPhone storage, find the app and tap it. In a context screen you’ll see two options: “Offload app” and “Delete app”. Choose delete. You can also force restart your iPhone and try to delete the app again. We hope, you’ll be able to get rid of it for good.

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