Apple Watch: Take photos with iPhone’s Camera

With Apple Watch, you can take photos with iPhone’s camera. It’s the Remote Camera app on Apple Watch that enables you to set up iPhone on a stand, like a tripod, and then take photos remotely. You can take the photo instantly or take an 11-photo burst on a 3-second delay. The Remote Camera app allows you take group photos or selfies with iPhone’s high-resolution camera. You can also use for photograhing «human-shy» objects, such as wildlife.

How to Take Photos with iPhone’s Camera

  • Set up iPhone on a stabilizing device, such as a tripod.
  • Press Home on iPhone to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Camera to open the Camera app.
  • Point iPhone at the subject and compose the shot.
  • Now lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch.
  • When the watch face appears, click the Digital Crown to open the Home screen.
  • Tap Remote Camera. The Connecting Camera screen appears while Apple Watch connects to the Camera app on iPhone. Then the Camera’s app view will appear. (Note that you don’t need to unlock the iPhone for this action, as you can use the Remote Camera app even when iPhone is locked.
  • Tap the point on which you want the camera to focus.
  • As the Camera app adjusts the focus, the yellow square will appear.
  • Tap Take Photo.
  • The photo thumbnail will appear. You can tap the thumbnail to review the photo. Tap Close when you finish.
  • To take a countdown burst tap 3s. Apple Watch and iPhone count down from three. The iPhone flash flashes. It lets the subject know that the picture will be taken in a few moments.
  • The Camera app on iPhone takes a burst of eleven photos.
  • When the photographs have been taken, you can tap the thumbnails to view the pictures.
  • Click the Digital Crown, and the Remote Camera’s app will close on Apple Watch.
  • On iPhone, the Camera App closes.


What to do if the Remote Camera app on Apple Watch gets stuck at the Connecting Camera message? To fix this issue, on iPhone, turn the Bluetooth off and the on. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display Control Center, tap Bluetooth to turn Bluetooth off. Tap Bluetooth again to change it back to On.



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