AppleColor RGB Monitor

The AppleColor RGB Monitor (marketed by Apple Computer, Inc. as AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor) was described by Apple as “the ideal companion for your Apple computer in both design and usability.

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AppleColor RGB Monitor

Among its features are: a high-contrast screen, graphics capability, high-quality display in either 40-column or 80-column widths, full RGB color capability, simultaneous display of color graphics and text, and an easy-to-clean screen and cabinet.» Note that the Apple Monochrome Monitor was introduced the same year. It was identical to the AppleColor RGB Monitor, but had a black and white composite display. All its other specifications were the same as the AppleColor RGB Monitor.

Release Date

March 2, 1987.


  • Type: Trinitron aperture grille CRT.
  • Picture tube: 12-inch diagonal (11.5-inch viewable) 0.37 mm tri-dot-pitch high-contrast (black matrix).
  • Input signals: Red, green, and blue video signals composted with negative going sync 1.0 +(-) 0.5 volts peak to peak, internally terminated with 745-ohm resistors. Composite sync negative going 4.0 +(-) 1.0 volts peak to peak, internally terminated with 2000-ohm resistor.
  • User controls: Power switch (right side), contrast (right side), brightness, with detente reference (right side), vertical size (back panel), vertical hold (back panel), horizontal hold (back panel).
  • Video bandwidth: Flat within 1.5 DB to 6.5 MHz. Less than 3DB down at 8 MHz.
  • Resolution: 640 H by 200 V pixels non-interlaced or 640 x 400 interlaced when used with the Apple IIGS. Later, fixed resolution – 640 x 480.
  • Active video display area: Adjusted at the factor to produce an active video area of 200 mm horizontal by 150 mm vertical. Remainder of display surface area is used for border display zone.
  • Weight: 27.56 lb maximum.
  • Power requirements: Less than 65 watts under normal viewing conditions. 90 watts maximum.

Apple Orders, Discontinuation, Price

Apple Model Numbers:

  • M0401
  • M1297.


  • In December 1992
  • Manufactured until October 19, 1992


  • The AppleColor RGB Monitor 12-inch analog RGB display was designed for the Apple IIGS computer, and could be used by the Macintosh II, in a limited fashion, with the Apple High Resolution Display Video Card.


  • The Apple Monochrome Monitor was introduced the same year. It was identical to the AppleColor RGB Monitor, but had a black and white composite display suitable in external appearance for the Apple IIGS, Apple IIc or Apple IIc Plus.
  • Users could change the brightness and contrast of the display to suit her or his preferences. They could also adjust the viewing angle with the built-in height-adjustment bar.
  • 220/240-volt models of the AppleColor RGB Monitor came with detachable power cords.
  • The monitor was theft-protected. The small rectangular opening in the bottom-right corner on the back of the monitor was designed for connecting a security lock. It let users attach a narrow, flexible cable that they could use to secure their monitor, and the rest of the Apple computer system, to prevent theft. Security locks were available from authorized Apple dealers..


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  • I have a AppleColor RGB monitor new in box model A2m6014 Ser# n8455466 what is it worth

  • This web page is confusing the AppleColor RGB Monitor (A2M6014) with the AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor (M0401/M1297). They are absolutely not the same display and only resemble one another externally. The former is designed for the Apple IIc / IIgs and the latter is designed for beige Macs. Even the signal configurations in the DA-15 connectors are different.

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