Buying MacBook: Optional Extras

Getting optional extras with a Mac when purchasing the computer from the Apple Online Store is not an easy task.

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Published by DetroitBORG on Mar 10, 2015

Buying MacBook: Optional Extras

You need to select options before you make a deal. The range of options may look rather complicated, but it is really important to make the right choice.


To choose the processor option is normally available only with a brand-new Mac. The price of upgrading is high. Besides, not every Mac has an upgrade option. As a rule, you can replace or upgrade a processor in a Mac, but it’s a little daunting task, and besides doing so invalidates the warranty. Processors are hardwired into all Macs. So upgrading a processor after you’ve purchased an Apple computer is not a good option. Still, upgrading the processor prior to the purchase is an option worth exploring.

A standard Mac comes with powerful processor unit, and if you pick a base unit with the standard processor, it will work without a hitch for years. But a faster processor enables your future Mac to perform complex tasks more quickly if you do a lot of high-end work. Opting for a faster and more powerful processor will also extend the usable lifetime of your Mac.

Extra Memory

An option you should consider thoroughly when buying a new Mac is whether to purchase extra memory. More memory your Mac has, faster and more efficiently programs run (and you’ll be able run multiple programs at the same time). There is a trick, however, often commented and offered by experienced Mac users: if you want to get a bargain on memory, you should get RAM from a lot of different companies. Don’t buy it from Apple at the same time you purchase your Mac in Apple Online Store. In fact, Apple charges a premium for RAM, and it is typically possible to purchase a RAM upgrade for less than the amount Apple charges.


You may want to consider getting a big display for your MacBook. Besides, some people find that working with two screens makes life easier. Attaching a larger screen to a Mac notebook enables you to use your notebook like a desktop computer.

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Larger Hard Drive

The hard drive is the central storage area for your computer, so you should choose one that fits perfectly your needs. The new hard drives may have a plenty of space, but they fill up quickly when you start installing applications, importing photos, downloading movies and games. Anyway, purchasing a hard drive, think about your needs. It is relatively easy to upgrade the internal hard drive on most Macs, but it may be more practical to add extra storage in the form of an external hard drive. Getting an external hard drive is a relatively inexpensive way of incrasing the amount of storage available. Also you can use an external drive to back up a Mac, using Apple’s Time Machine software.

Keyboard and Mouse

In Apple Oline Store, the Mac you choose will include a mouse and keyboard by default. But you can opt for a wired or wireless mouse, with different options, and choose different keyboards, for example those fith international layout and so on.

Apple Remote

Apple Remote enables you to access the Fron Row interface and watch videos, play music, display photographs from a distance. It can be used to control an Apple TV. Apple Remote used to be standard with all Macs, but today it is an optional extra.

Mini DisplayPort Adapter

Apple includes various options to connect MiniDisplay ports, a display connections. The adapter required depends on the connection used on your monitor.


You can purchase a wide range of software along with your new Mac. In fact, every new computers comes with Mac OS X and the iLife suite of applications, with programs included which help you use the Internet, send and receive e-mails, manage contacts and perform other basic functions. Built-in dictionaries, text editing programs and more are also included, but you may want to purchase additional useful software.

Getting a Printer

In the 1990s, a printer which physically output information to paper, used to be an essential accessory for any computer. Today it’s considered more of an extra, as more and more people are forgoing printers completely and using digital files instead. Anyway, the type of printer you choose depends on your needs. For business needs, people go for laser printers or all-in-one units, and for documents related to graphics, inkjet printers are still widely used. Be aware that the biggest cost of a printer isn’t the printer itself, but the cost of replacement cartridges (this is specially true with inkjet models). Think twice before you buy a printer as Mas OS X can turn virtually any document into a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. You can view the file on Macs, Windows PCs, UNIX/Linux computers; e-mail the file to other people or display it on iPhones and iPods.

Speakers and Earphones

Every Mac has a built-in speaker, but the sound quality is better on some models than on others, You may consider investing in a pair of external speakers. Alternatively, you can attach a pair of earphones to any Mac to listen to audio.

Laptop Bag

You probably want to pick up a laptop bag to store it and carry the computer around safely.


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