Apple Miscellanea

Everything about Apple products, unknown specs, history, trivia and curious facts, and more.

Apple Displays Miscellanea

Apple started manufacturing its monitors in 1980. Since then, four generations of CRT displays have been introduced, as well as Apple LCDs, which started with the Apple Flat Panel display. Portable displays followed, and at the end of the 20th century, external displays and the first desktop flat-panel display were launched. The Apple Cinema Display, whose first version appeared on the market in August 1999, marked a new era of Apple monitors. Today, Apple Thunderbolt models are the only Apple external displays marketed by the company. (more…)

iPhone Miscellaneous: Original, iPhone 3, iPhone 4

The first Apple iPhone was released in June 2007. Since then, many improvements have been made to each new model, from faster processors, higher-resolution cameras, and 3G cellular network capabilities, to A-GPS location and the 3D Touch feature. You’ll find many curious facts, unknown details and more on this page. (more…)

Apple Facts and Trivia

Here we will list some Apple facts and trivia, ranging from the first years of production to the present, from corporate board rooms to users’ experience. Reading these stories – some of them see the light of day for the first time in history – will bring back memories, as most of these facts are monuments to days gone by. Every great company has its storytellers, as there is a fundamental need in the human psyche to produce amazing tales about what people like. So, take your seat and enjoy these short stories… (more…)

Miscellaneous Mac Facts

Most (if not all) of the stories in this collection of facts about the Apple Mac are real stories. From the first days of the device, to the present, with many stops in between. Some of the stories, however, may be partially fabricated, created by fans or detractors, who knows? But if the tale were removed from our lives, the whole world would collapse. If you like our collection, share it with your friends and relatives. And perhaps you can contribute and make our anthology even richer by leaving your comments. (more…)