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Apple Facts and Trivia

Here we will list some Apple facts and trivia, ranging from the first years of production to the present, from corporate board rooms to users’ experience. Reading these stories – some of them see the light of day for the first time in history – will bring back memories, as most of these facts are monuments to days gone by. Every great company has its storytellers, as there is a fundamental need in the human psyche to produce amazing tales about what people like. So, take your seat and enjoy these short stories… (more…)

Apple Time Machine

If your computer contains data that is valuable to you, such as irreplaceable photos and your music library, you should back up your files to some kind of external media. This will protect your computer files, should they accidentally get deleted or become corrupted. It is often possible to recover files that seem to have been erased or overwritten, however, all this is of no use if your computer gets stolen or destroyed. The Apple Time Machine feature makes both backing up and recovering data very straightforward. Let’s take a look at how it works, and outline a few back up strategies. (more…)

How to Watch DVDs on MacBook?

Until recently these CD-like discs were the standard way to watch a movie, but these days more and more people are using digital downloads or online services to watch videos. However DVDs are still one rather popular. (more…)

Online Security – Threats and Protection

Mac users are just as prone to scams, viruses, and hackers as everyone else. Even though some people think that there is a comparative lack of Mac security threats due to Apple’s small market share. Here’s a quick breakdown of what users need to know about hackers, viruses, and scammers. (more…)

MacBook Miscellaneous and Curious Facts

Apple’s goal with MacBook was to engineer a full‑size experience into the lightest and most compact notebook. The result is more than just a light, thin, functional and capable computer. It’s the future of the notebook. (more…)

Tim Cook

As of the time of writing, Tim Cook is the current CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Apple Inc., he became the company’s CEO in 2011. His full name is Timothy Donald Cook and he was born on November 1, 1960. He is the seventh CEO of Apple Inc. and was previously the company’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) back when Steve Jobs was still alive. (more…)

Take Actions With Siri

Apple’s well-known feature Siri enables you to interact with Apple Watch by giving commands using your voice. Among its features is possible to use Siri both for dictation or for taking actions. Users can create reminders of things they must do, such as set, change, delete alarms, send text messages, display the schedule for a particular day, place phone calls, get directions to where the user has to go.

You can ask Siri many other questions. For example, she can show you what stars are above your head and you can look up movie showtimes using her capabilities. You can find movie reviews and locate a wide range of reference information. You can retrieve the latest prices for stock and get sports scores, players names and positions and more… (more…)

Precise Guide in Hackintosh

Disclaimer about our Guide in Hackintosh: we at iGotOffer shall not endorse hacking, piracy, illegal copying or downloading. The information stated below is meant for enlightening purposes only. (more…)

Hackintosh: Why?

There’s no typo in the title, actually. Hackintosh stands for hack + Macintosh. What is that? Ok, you probably have heard about hackers and do know what a word hack means. But where come Apple Macs in all this? Mac X OS is the answer. Hackintosh is a non-Apple computer built to run Mac X OS. A non-Apple laptop to run this operating system is called Hackbook. (more…)

Getting Ready to Buy Secondhand Mac

There are a few things you should check when purchasing a Mac secondhand. Things can go wrong, even when we know that Apple builds high quality machines. But everybody knows that computers are complicated pieces of machinery, so a lot of things should be checked out before you purchase a secondhand device. (more…)

Where to Get Your Mac?

It’s a very well known fact that Apple tightly controls distribution of its products, and mostly sells them directly to its customers. Typically, a customer can purchase a Mac shopping online in an Apple Online Store or in an Apple Retail store. (more…)

Apple TV Miscellanea

With Apple TV, apps have liberated television, letting users choose precisely what and when they want to watch. Built on a system called tvOS, Apple TV lets users interact with their TV in new ways. Indeed, users can just ask Siri to find the TV show or the movie the user is in the mood for. It’s also easy to turn the living room into a classroom, a game room or into a fitness studio or classroom, that’s Apple TV gives people access to the most riveting entertainment content providing extensive catalogs of hit movies, TV shows, original series, professional sports, breaking news, weather, fun stuff and educational programs for kids, music concerts, thousands of free podcasts on almost every topic imaginable.


iDevices – Home Products for Your Apple Device

The term iDevice generally refers to any Apple mobile and portable device. Depending on context, iDevices may refer only to products running Apple’s iOS operating system, such as iPhones, iPads and iPods, Apple’s TV (Apple’s TV uses iOS, starting with the second-generation model). iDevice is an unofficial term which has been chosen because in today’s world we define with “i” letter everything or almost everything related to Apple Inc. (more…)

Apple TV Facts and History

Apple TV facts: this device allows users to stream and watch video, view photos, play music originating from Internet services or a local network. Consumers can access the iTunes Store directly through Apple TV to rent movies and TV shows and stream audio and video podcasts. Users can connect their computers on a local network to maintain a central home media library of digitized CD, DVD or HD content, provide direct connectivity to photo organization software such as iPhoto, limit home video access to a local network only, play Internet radio, or preload content on Apple TV to be used later as a non-networked video player. For users who wish to connect the Apple TV to a computer, synchronization and streaming modes are supported. Apple TV can also function as a peer-to-peer digital media player, streaming content from iTunes libraries and playing the content over the network.


Games – Miscellanea

There are many more facts and trivia about computer games out there. You can share you knowledge with others if you feel that we missed interesting facts. Just leave a comment to this text. And do not forget to share our text on Facebook and Google+ with your friends, if you think it’s worth sharing. (more…)

Cell Phones Miscellanea & Curious Facts

Our day starts with a mobile phone today. The cell phone makes our life simple, it helps in many ways and it literally became a part of our existence. These portable devices can make and receive calls over a radio frequency carrier which establishes a connection to the switching systems or a mobile phone operator, while the user is moving within a telephone service area, covered by the public switched telephone network (PSTN). We call modern mobile telephone services cell phones or cellular phones because most services use a cellular network architecture. Many mobile phones support text messaging, Internet access, email, multimedia messaging service, digital photography, short-range wireless communications (such as Bluetooth or infrared), business applications and gaming. Mobile phones which offer these and other computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones (smartphone sales represent around 80 percent of total mobile phone sales). Now let us see a few facts about mobile phones. (more…)

Amazing Facts About iPhone

On our page, we have provided you with many interesting and amazing iPhone facts and features. However, there is no doubt we have missed some of them. If you know of any interesting facts we have missed, let us know in the comments, and we’ll add them to our collection. When new iPhone models are released, we’ll try to add to our list of miscellaneous and amazing facts. Don’t forget to share this text on Facebook and Google+ with your friends and followers. (more…)

iPod Miscellanea

On this page, you will learn new facts and test your knowledge about the iPod. This small device plays songs, movies, and photo slideshows. Millions of users are hooked on this small Apple media player. We’ll try to describe all the iPod generations in detail and give you all the pertinent info about this cute gadget.


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