Apple Miscellanea

Everything about Apple products, unknown specs, history, trivia and curious facts, and more.

Apple Miscellanea

Here it is, all curious facts and trivia about Apple in a few texts containing dozens of stories. They range from the first years of existence of the electronic giant to our days, from their corporate board rooms to users’ experience. Reading these stories – some of them see the light of day for the first time in history – will bring back your memories, as most of these facts are monuments to days gone by. Well, every great company has its storytellers, as there is a fundamental need in the human psyche to produce nice and amazing tales about what peuple like. So take your seat and enjoy these short stories… (more…)

Miscellanea About Mac

Most stories (if not all of them) in this collection of facts about Apple Mac are real stories. From the first days of the device to the present. With many stops in between. Some of the stories though may involve some aspect of myth created by fans or detractors (who knows?), but if the tale were removed from our lives, the whole world would collapse. If you like our collection, share it with your friends and relatives. And perhaps you can contribute and make our anthology even richer by leaving your comments. (more…)

iPhone Original, iPhone 3, iPhone 4 Miscellanea

The first Apple iPhone was released in June, 2007. Since then, many improvements have been added to each new model, starting from faster processors, higher-resolution cameras and 3G cellular network capabilities, to A-GPS location and the 3D Touch feature. You’ll find many curious facts, unknown details and more on this page. (more…)

Apple Displays Miscellanea

Apple started manufacturing its monitors in 1980, since that four generations of CRT displays were introduced, as well as Apple LCDs which started with Apple Flat Panel display. Portable displays followed, and at the end of the 20th century external displays and the first desktop flat-panel display were launched. Apple Cinema Display, whose first version appeared on the market in August 1999, marked a new era of Apple monitors. Today Apple Thunderbolt models are the only Apple’s external displays marketed by the company. (more…)

iPod Miscellanea

You’ll find out, learn and test your iPod knowledge on this page. This small device plays songs, movies, and photo slideshows, and millions of users are hooked on their small media player. We’ll try and describe all the iPod generations in detail and give you all the pertinent info about this cute gadget.


Amazing Facts About iPhone

We’ve tried to show many interesting and amazing iPhone facts and trivia here. No doubt we have missed some of them. If you know of any facts, let us know them in the comments, and we’ll certainly add them to our collection. In fact, every year or so other iPhone models are released, so we’ll try and complete our list of miscellaneous and amazing facts about iPhone.

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iPad Miscellaneous

iPad miscellaneous: According to Steve Jobs, a 7-inch screen would be too small to express the software and that 10 inches was the minimum for a tablet screen.


Cell Phones Miscellanea

Our day starts with a mobile phone today. The cell phone makes our life simple, it helps in many way and it literally became a part of our existence. These portable devices can make and receive calls over a radio frequency carrier which establishes a connection to the switching systems or a mobile phone operator, while the user is moving within a telephone service area, covered by the public switched telephone network (PSTN). We call modern mobile telephone services cell phones or cellular phones because most services use a cellular network architecture. Many mobile phones support text messaging, Internet access, email, multimedia messaging service, digital photography, short-range wireless communications (such as Bluetooth or infrared), business applications and gaming. Mobile phones which offer these and other computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones (smartphone sales represent around 80 percent of total mobile phone sales). Now let us see a few facts about mobile phones:


Games – Miscellanea

There are many more facts and trivia about computer games out there. You can share you knowledge with others if you feel that we missed interesting facts. Just leave a comment to this text. And do not forget to share our text on Facebook and Google+ with your friends, if you think it’s worth sharing. (more…)

Apple TV Facts and History

Apple TV facts: this device allows users to stream and watch video, view photos, play music originating from Internet services or a local network. Consumers can access the iTunes Store directly through Apple TV to rent movies and TV shows and stream audio and video podcasts. Users can connect their computers on a local network to maintain a central home media library of digitized CD, DVD or HD content, provide direct connectivity to photo organization software such as iPhoto, limit home video access to a local network only, play Internet radio, or preload content on Apple TV to be used later as a non-networked video player. For users who wish to connect the Apple TV to a computer, synchronization and streaming modes are supported. Apple TV can also function as a peer-to-peer digital media player, streaming content from iTunes libraries and playing the content over the network.


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