How to Customize Icons and Folders On Your Mac

Icons and folders are two Mac OS X parts which you can adjust to choose what icons and folders appear on the desktop. To customize folders and icons, choose Finder – Preferences, and the click the General tab. Then you can use the Show These Items On The Desktop check boxes to specify the items that will appear on the desktop (hard disks, iPods, old DVDs or CDs, external drives, and so on).

How to Change Mac Folder Icons | Custom Mac Desktop Folders Tutorial [Video]

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How to Customize Icons and Folders On Your Mac

A new Mac uses a particular set of graphics with each type of item displayed in Finder window and on the desktop. To change these items, you can cut and paste icon types from one icon preview to another and thus extend your personalization far beyond the desktop imagery, and in the Finder itself.

If you want to change icon graphics, you have to do the following:

  • Highlight the file or folder you are going to change in Finder or on the desktop.
  • Open the file’s or folder’s Info window by going to File – Get Info or by pressing ᴂ+I.
  • Highlight the small icon image at the top of the Info window (we are not talking about the main preview image) and then press ᴂ+C to copy the icon.
  • Highlight another item in Finder or on the desktop.
  • Open a new Info window.
  • Highlight the small icon image at the top of the new Info window, and then paste the icon image by pressing ᴂ+V. New icon styles are distributed as empty folders. Note than when you cut and paste the icon image from the Info window, you also change the icon image on the desktop and in Finder.

Downloading Third-Party Icons

The previous description enables you to cut and paste icon types from one type of default icon on your Mac to another. But you can download new icons from the Internet, as some third-party developers offer their own collections of custom icons. However you should be very careful, as you may end up mixing up Mac OS X and making a mess, if you download and use too many icons.

Apps Which Cut and Paste Icons

If you find it awkward to work with the Info window to cut and paste icons, you might want to get a special app that will do the operation for you. There are many programs of the kind, and they enable you to drag and drop folders onto its preview pane, and then apply different folder styles. In addition to changes styles, you can drop shadows, add glows to folders and find other amazing features (but keep always in mind that all there features will slow you Mac).



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