iPod Nano 6th Gen 1.54” Mulititouch

The iPod nano 6th gen has been changed radically in design and technologies. In shape it looks more like an iPod shuffle down to the clip, but preserved the aluminum and glass case of its predecessor. The same goes for a built-in integrated pedometer and FM radio with “live pause” feature as well as Nike+iPod, VoiceOver, and “Shake to Shuffle” functions. The smallest touch-controlled iPod ever has a 1.54″ color TFT display (240 x 240, 220 ppi), supports a multitouch interface on an iOS-inspired operating system but obviously cannot run either iOS applications or games compatible with previous iPod model. Equally, a microphone, a speaker, or a camera doesn’t fit in this really small iPod nano. The fully charged iPod nano 6th gen supports 24 hours of music playback (this iPod can’t play video). It is available in two capacities (8GB and 16 GB) and seven colors each: silver, graphite, blue, green, orange, pink and (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition.

iPod Nano 6th Gen 1.54-inch Mulititouch/Clip 8GB 16 GB

Introduced on September 1, 2010.


  • Processor Type: Samsung ARM.
  • Storage capacity: 8 GB, 16 GB.
  • Display: 21.54″ color TFT display (240 x 240, 220 ppi)
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Mac support: MacOS X 10.5.8.
  • Dimensions: 1.48 x 1.61 x 0.35 Average weight: 0.74 oz.
  • Navigation: multitouch screen.
  • Format: MP3.
  • Battery Type: battery provides 24 hours (music).
  • Colors: Silver, graphite, blue, green, orange, pink and (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition.

Apple Orders, Discontinuation, Price

Apple Order: MC525LL/A. MC525LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 8 GB silver. MC688LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 8 GB graphite. MC689LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 8 GB blue.MC690LL/A- iPod nano (6G) 8 GB green. MC691LL/A for orange- iPod nano (6G) 8 GB orange. MC692LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 8 GB pink. MC693LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 8 GB PRODUCT RED. MC526LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 16 GB silver. MC694LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 16 GB graphite. MC695LL/A- iPod nano (6G) 16 GB blue. MC696LL/A- iPod nano (6G) 16 GB green. MC697LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 16 GB orange. MC698LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 16 GB pink. MC699LL/A – iPod nano (6G) 8 GB PRODUCT RED. Apple Model No: A1366 (EMC 2385).

Discontinued: September 12, 2012.

Price: US$149, $179.

To Get Information about iPod Nano

You can get these details about your iPod nano in Settings:

  • Capacity and amount of space available.
  • Number of songs and photos.
  • Serial number, model, and software version.
  • Copyright and legal information.

To get information about iPod nano: On the Home screen, tap Settings, and then tap About.

To Connect and Disconnect iPod Nano

Users connect iPod nano to your computer to sync files and charge the iPod nano battery. Users can sync songs and charge the battery at the same time. Important note: The battery doesn’t charge while your computer is in sleep or standby mode.

Connecting iPod nano to your computer: iTunes syncs songs on iPod nano automatically when you connect it to your computer, unless you select other sync settings in iTunes. To connect:

  • Connect the included Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable to a high-power USB 2.0 port on your computer.
  • Connect the other end to iPod nano. If you have an iPod dock, you can connect the cable to a USB 2.0 port on your computer, connect the other end to the dock, and then put iPod nano in the dock. Note: The USB port on most keyboards doesn’t provide enough power to charge iPod nano.

To disconnect iPod nano from your computer: It’s safe to disconnect iPod nano if you see the Home screen on iPod nano, or a message that says it’s OK to disconnect. If the backlight is off, press the Sleep/Wake button to turn on the backlight, so you can see if it’s safe to disconnect. To disconnect:

  • Disconnect the cable from iPod nano, or, if iPod nano is in the dock, remove iPod nano from the dock. Don’t disconnect iPod nano if you see the “Connected” or “Synchronizing” message. To avoid damaging files on iPod nano, you must eject iPod nano before disconnecting when you see these messages.

To Eject iPod Nano 6th:

  • In iTunes, click the Eject (C) button next to iPod nano in the device list on the left side of the iTunes window.
  • If you’re using a Mac, you can eject iPod nano by dragging the iPod nano icon on the desktop to the Trash.
  • If you’re using a Windows PC, you can eject iPod nano in My Computer or by clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows system tray and selecting iPod nano. If you accidentally disconnect iPod nano without ejecting it, reconnect iPod nano to your computer and sync again.

About the Battery

iPod Nano 6th has an internal, non–user-replaceable battery. For best results, the first time you use iPod nano, let it charge for about three hours or until the battery icon shows that the battery is fully charged. The iPod nano battery is 80-percent charged in about one and a half hours, and fully charged in about three hours. If you charge iPod nano while adding files, playing music, listening to the radio, or viewing a slideshow, it might take longer.


  • On October 4, 2011, a “new” version of this iPod nano was released, but it is identical (including identifiers) excluding the updated software.
  • The “new” version features larger icons, new digital clock faces, and easier fitness tracking and is available at a lower price. The earlier models can be updated to use the new software, as well.
  • The iPod nano 6th gen can be worn with a third-party armband and stand for a wristwatch.


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Apple iPod nano 2010 (6th Generation): Unboxing and Demo. Video uploaded by DetroitBORG, on September 8, 2010


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