iPod Nano 4th Gen 8 GB 16 GB

With public being a bit disappointed with the third generation design, Apple engineers improved the iPod nano 4th gen greatly. They’ve given it an aluminum and glass wraparound case as well as the portrait-oriented 2-inch color LCD display with a blue-white LED backlight. The iPod nano 4th gen is slimmer and thinner than its’ predecessor. The battery life for video playback has slimmed down as well from 5 to 4 hours without recharge, while the life span for music playback remains the same – 24 hours. There are two capacities of the iPod nano 4th gen, the 8GB model and the 16 GB one and both are available in nine colors: silver, black, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green, pink and (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition. Among other amazing features the iPod nano 4th gen gets a built-in accelerometer. First, it helps to orientate the screen in a landscape position (some games can be played in this screen position only) and starts the CoverFlow function at that. Second, a gentle shake shuffles the songs. The Genius software function to make a playlists of songs which are most likely to go together has been also improved. The software enhancement is inspired by MacOS X Leopard and technically developed on base of the iPhone OS X, but includes larger text and spoken menu items. As for games, Maze has replaced iQuiz, but Vortex and Klondike remains.

iPod Nano 4th Gen 8GB 16 GB

Introduced on September 9, 2008.


  • Processor Type: Samsung ARM.
  • Storage capacity: 8 GB, 16 GB.
  • Display: 2-inch diagonal color LCD display with blue-white LED backlight, 320 x 240.
  • Connectivity: USB.
  • Mac Support: MacOS X 10.4.11.
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.24.
  • Average Weight: 1.3 oz.
  • Navigation: Click wheel with pressure sensitive buttons under it.
  • Format: MP3.
  • Battery Type: Lithium ion battery provides 24 hours (music) and 4 hours (video) of playback.
  • Colors: Silver, black, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green, pink and RED Special Edition.

Apple Orders, Discontinuation, Price

Apple Order: MB598LL/A. MB598LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB silver. MB754LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB black. MB739LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB purple. MB732LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB blue. MB745LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB green. MB748LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB yellow. MB742LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB orange. MB735LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB pink. MB903LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB silver. MB918LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB black. MB909LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB purple. MB905LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB blue. MB913LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB green. MB915LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB yellow. MB911LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB orange. MB907LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB pink. Apple Model No: A1285 (EMC 2287).

Discontinued: September 9, 2009.

Price: US$149, $199.


  • The player sports a new crossfade function, yet lacks volume as the previous third model. It doesn’t support WMA or FLAC format.
  • Apple also doesn’t see it fit to install an FM-tuner in this iPod.


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  • Why do you ignore the fact that a portable media player known as iPod Nano is very thin and it uses flash memory for storage? The iPod Nano has gone through several differing models, or generations, since its introduction. You could easily elaborate and make this text much more attractive to your readers.

  • The best offer for my ald iPod Nano 8 GB I could get was $3. Better give it as a gift to a little nephew.

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