Useless Software for Mac and PC

Here you’ll find some very useless software. Most of these apps are available for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other devices, including PCs. Some of these apps are more useless than others, but let’s admit that the usefulness of these apps is rather relative to the one using it, as most of them have been created to be nothing more than fun. So maybe these apps aren’t so useless after all!!

Useless Software

An app which is perfectly useless to you, may be really useful to someone else. For example, a Christmas tree app which decorates your screen can work perfectly for your computer for the winter holidays. And, the MoonSaver you install as your main screen saver can follow the position of the moon each day, and thus be very useful to an astronomer.

These relatively useless apps are clearly for entertainment, and to remind us not to take life too seriously.

You can find any of these “useless apps” online by using your search engine. All of them are free to download. In some cases, we insert a link to a specific app, but unfortunately, they have the tendency to change, so we are not to blame if a link is broken.

Here are some of our favorite useless apps!

Lonesome Electric Chicken

This curious app spews forth philosophical snippets of wisdom, and was developed by J Schilling. It occupies a few hundred kilobytes, and doesn’t need many resources to work. The app features a graphic image of a chicken, and shows around seventy different quotes from various sources. The developer of this little program did not intend for it to do much else. Quotations in the chicken pile have been taken from a variety of sources, including Nietzsche. The author himself specified that the Lonesome Electric Chicken is a “time and life wasting application”.

lonesome electric chicken 600x260 - Useless Software for Mac and PC
Lonesome Electric Chicken

EarthquakeX 1.1

This app allows the user to experience fully-customizable, on-screen earthquakes on his or her Mac. In fact, it is a port of an old prank control panel for System 7 called Earthquake. This app, when installed, will cause your Macintosh to experience random earthquakes. The old version, being a control panel, allowed the user to set the quake frequency, duration, and Richter level. The EarthquakeX 1.1 version acts more like an extension. With this version, user control over the quaking is not allowed. If you double click the EarthquakeX icon, it will look as if nothing has happened. But, after a few seconds, your Mac will experience a tremor. If you wish to quit EarthquakeX, open up a Terminal window and type: killall QUIT “Earthquake”. If the tremors continue, choose “Log Out” from the Apple menu, then log back in. In fact, you can change the frequency of the tremors, if you know how to use the Terminal. On the Mac, where EarthquakeX is installed (make sure it isn’t running!), open a terminal and type in: defaults write com.stimpsoft.earthquakex quakechance -integer [%percent]. Where it says [%percent], put the percent with which a quake can happen. There is a chance for a quake every ten seconds. So, for example, if you typed in “defaults write com.stimpsoft.earthquakex quakechance -integer 50;”, there would be a 50% chance of a quake every 10 seconds. The default chance for a quake is 30%. Earthquake was originally created by Marco Carra of SlimyFrog Software in 1994. When you get tired of earthquakes, just uninstall the app (or let it hide in the background, it will be silent till you double-click its icon). You may redistribute the application as you see fit, without notification to its author, as long as no fee is collected.

Heart Monitor

This app places an anatomical heart on the desktop of your computer. The heart will beat faster or slower depending on the activity of the Mac’s processor.

PowerOrgasm X

When installed on a Mac, this application gives the machine the climax of its life whenever the power cord is plugged into it.

Alien Communicator

 If you want to find the truth our governments hide from us, you better start contacting aliens right now. When you run Alien Communicator tool, aliens will be able to communicate telepathically with you and leave messages by controlling the number generation capabilities of your machine (Mac or PC).

Voice Lie Detector

If you think your partner or children are not completely sincere, you certainly need a lie detector. This program uses an old algorithm to detect voice stress, an unmistakable signal that will enable you to discover if you’re being lied to. It may not work very well, but your husband may get scared and admit his sins before you start this app.

Parrot Trainer

So you have a parrot, but can’t be bothered to train it by yourself? Let this app do the hard work for you! Parrot Trainer repeats the same sound over and over again until your parrot learns them by heart. According to the developer, you can also use it to nag your kids, husband, or wife… What’s more, it comes with four sound samples recorded by the developer himself.

Fake Progress Bar

This app is useful if you work for a big company and your boss likes to control your actions. It displays a customizable fake progress bar with which you can fool anyone into believing your computer is busy. The Fake Progress Bar assures a fully configurable spoof progress bar for your desktop. Make it look like your machine is doing something – while you do something else! Features include fully customizable titles, icons, buttons, speed, and progress messages. We all need to take a break at work from time to time, but if your boss doesn’t understand this need, you may want to use this app.

fake progress bar 600x260 - Useless Software for Mac and PC
Fake Progress Bar


This is another app that has the potential to be really useful. This app can help you get rid of mosquitoes, by making your computer emit a sound signal at certain high frequencies during the night. These sounds are supposed to annoy mosquitoes and flies, and scare them away from you. However, you may prefer to buy a bug spray or cream.


Mousotron monitors your mouse and keyboard usage. This app allows you to find out how many miles your mouse cursor travels each day, how many mouse clicks you did, and even compares your mileage with other people, by uploading those scores online and comparing them to those achieved by others. It keeps statistics of your mileage, like an odometer for your mouse cursor. The application calculates just how far your mouse cursor has traveled on the screen, and how many times the mouse buttons were clicked. It also counts the number of keystrokes on your keyboard.


We’ve all had nightmares with the clip-shaped assistant in Microsoft Office, but apparently there are people who miss him and want him back. If you’re one of them you can install this app and enjoy a customizable version of Clippy that stays on your desktop and talks to you every now and then.


This application teaches you the basics of hypnosis, which is the ability to focus one’s attention. The developer describes it as more than just “a simple circling spiral”, and warns us that this is not a toy, so keep that in mind and don’t blame us for the consequences of hypnotizing yourself..

Airplane Factory

Another not so useless app, perfect for those that are into paper airplanes. This app helps you design paper airplanes on your computer, and decorate them with decals and insignia. Then, you only have to print them out, build them, and enjoy the flight.

Neuro Enhancer

According to the developer, this scary tool helps the user program their mind by means of subliminal messages. It features several self-help modules to enable you to fight anxiety, stress, obesity, and more. The application has twenty-two different self-help modules – everything from anxiety relief to weight loss. It will run seamlessly in the task bar. Just start it up, select a module, hit go, and minimize it to the tray. Set it and forget it. We are not sure how subliminal messages can help people reach peace of mind, but this useless software might act as a placebo.


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