You can easily create programs, as modern operating systems are very easy to understand and start programming with them. Apple has built a complete programming environment called Xcode. Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This means that Xcode is a complete studio for writing, compiling, debugging or building software applications.

How To Use Xcode

Installing the Developer Tools

In fact, compared to the full version of Microsoft’s Video Studio Professional, Xcode is a nice and simply to use tool. It supports several programming languages, such as C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java, AppleScript, OCampl, Fortran, ADA, and other. Most Apple developers use Objective-C, which is an object oriented programming (OOP) language.

Xcode comes with Mac OS X, but it’s not included by default with the OS. You must install it as an additional extra from the installation disc (alternatively, you can download the latest version of Xcode from Apple’s Developer Connection Website. Xcode installs in a folder called Developer at the root of your startup drive. The Developer folder contains an Applications folder. This folders in turn contains Xcode and other applications to help you develop web applications, audio, interfaces and so on. If you select the Documentation option, Xcode downloads all the files and keeps them updated

How to Join the Apple Developer Connection

Once you have Xcode installed, you should sign up for Apple Developer Connection. Once you join it, you can download the latest version of Xcode. You can also download documentation, development videos, sample codes, or just about everything you need to get going as a coder.

There is also a series of developer programs, that you can join, and download beta versions of upcoming software, but you have to pay annual fees to join the Mac Developer Program and iOS Developer Program.

Note that beta version can be unstable, so don’t install beta version software on your primary device. You should have separate test devices on hand for testing betas.

Important: If you sign up with the Mac Developer Program or iOS Developer Program, be sure to read the Agreement – especially the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA), – as Apple has very little patience with developers who talk and write about the Apple beta software. Under no circumstances should you post screenshots of Apple beta on the Internet.

How To Know the Xcode Interface

To start a new project with this code, select File – New Project. You can also click Create a New Xcode Project in the Welcome to Xcode Window. The New Project window will open then. It contains a series of templates for the kinds of programs you can make. The sidebar divides templates into development environments. You’ll see option below each environment for specific kind of programs (such as Applications Plug-In, Framework & Library, System Plug-In).

Note that the Mac OS X are included on the Mac OS X installation disc. However, the iOS template require to download iOS software development kit (SDK) from Apple Developer Connection.

Developer Documentation

You can access Developer Documentation at any point by using the Help menu. This menu provides several shortcuts to documentation files from Apple, including quick start guides and so on. These files appear in the Developer Documentation window. Most of the documents are oriented though to be used by high-end users, but you can find documents aimed at people who’d like to learn how to program from scratch.


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