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Sell Old iPhone 4 Online

You ask yourself "where can I sell my iPhone 4 for cash"? The only correct answer is: Sell iPhone 4 online here, at IGotOffer.com. Selling on our Web site is the best way to get top cash for your old iPhone even if it is broken. We buy iPhones 4 in practically any condition. We help you to sell them safely and in seconds. You will be surprised by the the amount of money you get when you sell your used iPhone 4 to us. 

Unlock Before You Sell Your iPhone 4

Unlock your iPhone 4 before you sell it to get the best price online! Unlocked iPhone 4 means it can be used with any carrier. Remember though that unlocking your iPhone 4 is not the same as clearing the passwords or data from it. 

You don’t need to unlock the device before you sell your iPhone 4. However, you will not receive the top price for an iPhone 4 that has not been unlocked. Requesting an unlock from your carrier is legal. Unlocking your iPhone 4 doesn’t affect your wireless account. The unlock request could dake a few days, depending on the carrier, so it is best to get started right away. 

Sell unlocked iPhone 4! Remember to remove your SIM card before you sell your old iPhone 4.

Before You Sell iPhone 4 

Selling your iPhone for cash 4 is a great way of saving money for the next iPhone model. We work with you to ensure that you get paid the right money when you sell iPhone 4 to iGotOffer. For more information about how we can help you get paid for your Apple devices, call or email us today. 

Whenever you decide to sell iPhone 4, we recommend you to remove your personal data. We can proceed to free data removal if your iPhone 4 can be turned on. That is not guaranteed however if the item is broken. Besides, in some circumstances we can't be responsble for the lost of your data. 

Get Your iPhone 4 to Its Factory Default Settings 

Before you sell iPhone 4 online get it to its factory default state for the new owner. Remove any valuable information in order to protect your privacy. Back up your device. Sign out of iCloud. Erase all content and settings. Thus the next owner will be able to activate the device without any problem. 

Important note: Deleting data while signed in to your iCloud account will lead to the removal of all this content from the iCloud servers. These documents also will be deleted from all of your devices that are signed in to iCloud.

Sell iPhone 4 online

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