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Sell iPhone 6 Plus For Top Dollar

If your house or apartment is becoming a graveyard for your old electronic devices, you are not alone. By 2019, according to Compass Intelligence, there will be 475 million old cell phones and other devices collecting dust in our closets and drawers.

Here’s some good news -- you can de-clutter your home and make some fast cash – simply sell iPhone 6 Plus or any other used Apple device, to iGotOffer.com. Whether you want to upgrade to a new phone (the iPhone X is a game changer), or just need some fast cash, we will pay you top dollar for your iPhone 6 Plus trade in. It’s really a no-brainer!

Why Sell iPhone 6 Plus?

Do you have any idea how much cash you could get? The iPhone 6 Plus trade-in value is at a premium these days and, depending on its condition, you could walk away with a nice chunk of cash.  

To find out how much money you could earn when you sell your iPhone 6 Plus, simply select the model and make of your device, and fill us in as to its condition. Based on the information you provide, we will be able to calculate the appropriate price for your device, which you will receive instantly.
Some people tell us, “I want to sell my iPhone 6 Plus, but it’s been dropped a few too many times.” We understand completely! Even if your iPhone has seen better days, don’t let that stop you. Even phones that are cracked have value. We are devoted to making sure that you get a fair return on your investment, no matter its condition when you sell your iPhone 6 plus online with iGotOffer.com.
The best part is that there is no cost for your quote, even if you choose to take your business somewhere else. That’s how confident we are that you will choose iGotOffer. Simply put, the iPhone 6 Plus trade-in value that we’re offering is just too good to pass on.

How to Sell Used iPhone 6 Plus

As soon as you accept our offer, you will receive an email confirmation with a pre-paid (in other words, free) shipping label attached. Download and print it; once you have found a sturdy box, attach the label and have it shipped to our headquarters per the instructions. Not only do we pay for your shipping, but we also insure the package in case it is damaged in the mail.

When we receive your smartphone, we will inspect its condition to ensure it is as you described it. Typically this takes no more than two days. If everything looks good, which is usually the case, we will proceed to the next step – processing your payment. You can receive your money via check, Paypal or an Amazon gift card. If there’s an issue with the condition of your phone, we will send you an updated offer; if you decide you do not want to trade in iPhone 6 Plus, no problem; we will simply return your iPhone to you and we won’t charge you a cent.

What’s nice about iGotOffer, besides the size of our payouts, is that we are highly credible and trustworthy. A fully licensed firm, we earned an A-rating from the Better Business Bureau, because we operate ethically and transparently. Even more important is the word of our customers – we receive the best reviews and invite you to read them on our website. 

Maximizing Your iPhone 6 Plus Trade-in Value

If you plan to sell iPhone 6 Plus for cash, we suggest that you act soon. Just like automobiles, cell phones depreciate fast, and that’s especially true of iPhones. Procrastinating is like throwing money away.

How much cash for iPhone 6 Plus could you walk away with?  It doesn’t cost a thing to find out the trade in value iPhone 6 plus at iGotOffer.com, and it just might make your day.

The Best Site to Sell Your iPhone 6 Plus Online

iPhone 6 plus has a large gorgeous display. It also has the best camera and other great features. You were one of the first to buy or to get it as a gift. You stopped using iPhone 6 Plus because it is too big and it doesn't fit into your pocket, or maybe its battery life was too short... Regardless the reason you'd like to get rid of your iPhone 6 Plus, iGotOffer is ready to pay the highest price for it.

If you have any difficulties concerning the model of your iPhone, please read this text: How to Identify My iPhone.

iGotOffer.com is a fully licensed business. We buy used electronics online, and we have a 5-star customer rating and an A+ grade rating on Better Business Bureau, the most respectable customer service platform in the U.S., a leading platform in advancing marketplace trust. We are also rated 9.9/10 on ResellerRatings.com Website, a leading merchant reviews platform in the country. You can also read what people say about us on our Testimonials Page (we have never deleted any comment, because we understand that even negative opionions - though very rare - help us improve our service). Or you can drop by our Facebook Page, our Google+ Page, or else read what we say on Twitter if you want to learn more about us. Discover our blog which is full of helpful articles, and consult our Apple Encyclopedia, which contains hundreds of helpful texts. To learn more about visit all the pages avove mentioned: What do they say about us.

We pay through PayPal, by check or with an Amazon gift card. All payments are processed on the next day after your iPhone 6 Plus has been delivered and inspected.

Your only worry is to properly pack your iPhone 6 Plus you are sending, to ensure that the package will come safely to us. Please read carefully our packaging and shipment guidelines before you send us your old smarphone: Shipment Guidelines.

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