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How to Sell Your Apple Watch Series 3 Online

Get an offer for your Apple Watch Series 3


Enter your Apple Watch Series 3 specifications and get a free immediate quote in just seconds.

Ship your Apple Watch Series 3


Use the provided prepaid shipping label, just pack up your Apple Watch Series 3 and ship to us.

Get paid for your Apple Watch Series 3


We’ll process your order after your Apple Watch Series 3 arrives, & you’ll get your payment fast.

Trade In Your Apple Watch Series 3 Online For Fast Cash Now

Only 12% percent of Americans wear smart watches today. By 2020 there will be anticipated 20.8% of smartwatch users. You’ve bought the Apple Watch 3 but it doesn’t sit well on your wrist and you don’t know how to use it. You’re very serious about your training and are going to buy a professional fit tracker instead.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe you’ve wondered, “Can I sell my Apple Watch 3 for cash?” You can sell your Apple smartwatch to iGotOffer.com and grab the highest payout that you’re going to find.

Sell Your Apple Watch Series 3 for Top Dollar

You can sell your Apple Watch Series 3 virtually in any condition. The entire process is extremely fast, intuitive, and very safe.

How to Trade In Your Apple Watch Series 3

After you provide us with the model, make, and condition of your smart watch, we will give you our very best quote. Even if you sell an Apple Watch 3 to us that is not in the greatest condition, it’s not a problem. Pre-owned electronics are sometimes in mint condition, but smart watches are meant for active life after all. They can come with a generous amount of wear and tear after usage. We expect that, so that won’t be a problem in selling your device to us in anyway.

Go ahead and accept our smartwatch trade-in offer, that is what will get the ball rolling. Next, you will need to download and print the prepaid shipping label from our website. (Please note that you will also receive the label as an attachment when we send out our confirmation email.) Simply place your device into a secure box and make sure to follow all of our shipping guidelines when preparing your it for shipment. Then attach the label and ship it to us. The best part is that the shipping is prepaid, as mentioned above - which means you don’t pay a dime for shipping - it is all on us.

Apple Watch Buyback Program

When we receive your smartwatch, we’ll look it over to confirm the condition. If everything’s good to go, we will pay you the amount we quoted you via check, Paypal, Venmo or Chase QuickPay.

Safety First!

Before people discovered iGotOffer.com, many of our customers gave classified ads a try. That can be a little awkward- even scary, because you never know who’s on the other end. With iGotOffer, you can sell your smartwatches online safely without ever leaving your home. As a precaution, we also run all smartwatches that we purchase through a nationwide system and report all lost and stolen wearables.

The Brand You Can Trust

Our ambition is to be the most credible, honest, and transparent brand in the industry. iGotOffer has a 5-star customer rating and an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau.

If you forget to wipe your personal information before mailing us your wearable device, don’t worry – we will do it for you. We never share your personal information with any other organization or individuals. That’s what being trustworthy is all about!

When you have the opportunity to sell a used smartwatch, don’t miss out! Smartwatches tend to lose their value quickly, so the faster you act, the more money you’re going to put in your wallet.

It doesn’t hurt to at least find out how much your wearable device is worth. That itself is kind of fun and it doesn’t cost anything! Visit iGotOffer.com today and we’ll walk you through all the steps. Getting fast cash was never so easy.

Don’t take our word for it – check out our testimonials from customers just like you who trust our business and return to us again and again.  Find us on social media and be sure to follow our iGotOffer Blog. After you sell your Apple Watch, please leave us some feedback – we read every message and count on your input to ensure we’re satisfying our customers’ needs. Selling a used Apple Watch for cash doesn’t have to be a hassle when you sell them online with iGotOffer. For more information, check out What is iGotOffer.

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