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Apple Humor

This is the Apple Humor page. It’s just for fun and relax. Picks from everywhere around the Web, nothing special but nice to pass your time aboard of a commuter, perhaps, or in the airport. Some stories are hilarious, some even queer, like the story of Sosumi ringtone. I personally didn’t believe it, but who knows? It’s so weird, it could happen IRL. IRL – in real life, that’s how we, web surfers call the other world, where all kind of things can happen to us (mostly horrible ones, like finding oneself with a smartphone out and having no clue where to go and how find the way home without GPS).

Apple Humor

Really, Apple Humor is no different from Dogs’ Humor or Cats’ Humor. Gadgets should be called e-pets nowadays, it seems. I spend as much time with my gadgets as I do with my cat or even more. And of course, shi… sorry, funny things happen now and then. The cat protests of course. She trumps my keyboard, usually, when I’m finishing some urgent project. Well, forget the cat. I just mean, we all have stories, multiple stories to share, like, “You’d never guess what my Fluffy came up with the other day…” but for gadgets it can be like, “You’d never guess what a friend of mine asked Siri about!…”

I bet, you’ve got a couple of such stories yourselves. Mind sharing them with us?

‘Cos, you know, Web is full with stories about Steve Jobs dolls, or people going into glass windows in Apple Stores, but there’s nothing like a live feedback, what d’you think?

The thing is, by boss told me to quickly scrape up an article, ‘something silly but fun’, as he put it. Why, I’m an expert in doing silly things! Like, texting two different people and mixing the texts up. Very confusing, that. But no fun. Well, perhaps, when I’m octogenarian, I’d remember all my flops with a hearty laugh, but right now I haven’t reached such serenity. So, I’d highly appreciate any help from you, readers.

Our Texts In This Category

May the laugh be with you… Read a enjoy!:


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Funny Things To Ask Siri

You can find this huge list of 100+ Funny Things to Ask Siri compiled by by Quentin Moore here: Questions, Jokes, Tricks, & Video. You’ll see that the Siri App has a great sense of humor, and there are hundreds of funny things to ask Siri. If you would like to contribute to the list, post your Siri Commands below here or add your comment to the comment section on Techranker Website. (more…)


Apple folklore has it that the Sosumi sound effect was a cheeky response to the Apple Computer vs. Apple Corps (the corporation of the Beatles) legal conflict in the 1990s. Originally it was called Let It Beep, but when somebody told the musician Jim Reeks that it wouldn’t get through Apple’s legal department, he changed it to Sosumi (a homophone to So Sue Me) and told the legal department that it was Japanese (Source: Mac Secrets, by Mark Hattersley, Wiley Publishing, Inc. 2011).

Get a Mac

“I’m a PC… I’m a Mac, get a Mac”… With this TV advertising campaign, the debate about whether it is better to use a Mac or a PC has been made a little more entertaining. The add features characters representing respectively Mac and PC machines. Obviously, Mac was faster, more secure and more clever… Microsoft was swift to respond with its “I’m a PC” series of adds, in an attempt to rebut the PC’s image, as presented in the Apple add. (more…)

Mac Madness

Endemic among the the Mac-using minority is a condition known as Apple Obsession Syndrome (AOS for short). Whole some AOS symptoms are serious, other symptoms are entertaining, from gratuitous Mac modifications to ridiculous software. You can gram your iHymn sheet and join us to pay homage at the high altar of Macdom. (more…)

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