Here we talk at length about Apple and its products, apps, functionalities and qualities of computers, smartphones and other gadgets.

OS X: Basic Concepts

The interface of OS X is easy to understand. The mouse, keyboard, and all the basics of the OS X environment are very user-friendly. (more…)

Computer for Dummies: CPU

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It’s the heart, or rather the brain, of all the modern desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But what does it do? It processes information. (more…)


You can easily create programs, as modern operating systems are very easy to understand and begin programming. Apple has built a complete programming environment called Xcode. Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This means that Xcode is a complete studio for writing, compiling, debugging, and building software applications. (more…)

Getting Started with Siri: Features and More

Today’s technology enables our iPhones to listen to the words we speak, and accomplish tasks. We can also dictate texts instead of typing them using a keyboard. Apple uses Siri as the iPhone and iPad’s voice recognition feature. Siri is pretty easy to use. You’ll need a little practice to figure out the best way give commands, but as Siri always confirms the command you speak, you’ll be able to undo a command before it’s completed.. (more…)

macOS Sierra – Features and more

There is more to macOS Sierra than just a new name. All the changes can be divided into three groups: interface and features of the OS, its integration with other Apple devices, and the file system. Let’s have a look at some of them.. (more…)

History of GUI

Once upon a time, when computers were the size of a desk, there was no mouse, just a keyboard. To make a computer complete a task you had to print the command line and enter it. There were no windows, hyperlinks, or menus, and dinosaurs roamed the earth. Ok, just kidding about the dinosaurs. (more…)

iSpace – Everything about Apple Space

Everything about Apple Space. Here we will present all the programs, gadgets, and other features developed by Apple to create a top of the line device that is also user friendly. We will also recall a few programs that made history by revolutionizing personal technology: (more…)