FAQ about iPhones

iPhone is a line of Apple smartphones which run Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. iPhones have Wi-Fi and can connect to cellular networks, can shoot video, take photos, play music, send and receive email, browse the web, send and receive text messages. iPhones can follow GPS navigation, perform mathematical calculations, record notes, receive visual voicemail and perform other functions. Users can play video games, use social networking, share informaеion and more.

FAQ about iPhones

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What does the motion co-processor serve for in iPhone 5s? How to take advantage of the motion co-processor?

How to use Siri?

How to record slo-mo Videos on iPhone 5s?

How to get free copies of iWork on iPhone 5s?

Where to find more emoticons on iPhone 5s in order to add them to the messages?

Will it not be better if I jailbreak my iPhone?

What is Enable Find My iPhone feature?

Is its necessary to use Touch ID?

Should I set a passcode?

How to prevent Apps from draining battery?

What to do if your Apple device is lost or stolen ?

I'm getting ready to sell my iPhone. How can I remove Apple Pay?

I can't erase my iPhone, can I still sell it?

How to enable Wi-Fi calling?

I'm getting Ready to sell my iPhone, what should I do?





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