iPod Nano 5th Gen with Camera 8GB 16 GB

The iPod nano 5th Gen has inherited the glass aluminum multi-colored case from the previous model, but also gets a lot of amazing features. The nine colors available – silver, black, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green, pink and (PRODUCT) RED – has become more glossy and the higher-quality 2.2 inches TFT display (240 x 376, 204 ppi) larger. The player also has an integrated microphone, a speaker and a camera! The camera is capable of shooting H.264 VGA 640 x 480 at 30 FPS with AAC audio with a variety of real-time effects to add, but it can’t take still photographs. The iPod nano 5th gen is also the first iPod with a built-in pedometer and software to track the distance and count burnt calories. Among other features are the in-built FM-radio with a live pause function and an iTunes tagging, the VoiceOver to speak the artists’ names and songs’ titles, inherited from the iPod shuffle 3rd gen and the Genius Mixer. The battery life is the same as for the iPod nano 3rd gen – 24 hours of music playback and 5 hours of video.

iPod Nano 5th Gen with Camera 8 and 16 GB

Introduced on September 9, 2009.


  • Processor Type: Samsung ARM.
  • Storage capacity: 8 GB, 16 GB.
  • Display: 2.2-inch diagonal color TFT display with blue-white LED backlight, 240 x 376.
  • Connectivity: USB.
  • Mac Support: MacOS X 10.4.11.
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.24.
  • Average weight: 1.28 oz.
  • Navigation: click wheel with pressure sensitive buttons under it.
  • Format: MP3.
  • Battery Type: Lithium ion battery provides 24 hours (music) and 5 hours (video) of playback.
  • Colors: Silver, Black, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green, pink and RED Special Edition.

Apple Orders, Discontinuation, Price

Apple Order: MC031LL/A. MC027LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB silver. MC031LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB black MC034LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB purple. MC037LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB blue. MC040LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB green. MC043LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB yellow. MC046LL/- iPod nano (4G) 8 GB orange. MC050LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB pink. MC049LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB PRODUCT RED. MC060LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB silver. MC062LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB black. MC064LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB purple. MC066LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB blue. MC068LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB green. MC070LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB yellow . MC072LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB orange. MC075LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 16 GB pink. MC074LL/A – iPod nano (4G) 8 GB PRODUCT RED. Apple Model No: A1320 (EMC 2317).

Discontinued: September 1, 2010.

Price: US$149, $179.


  • The yellow and the red iPods are least popular of all and can be ordered directly from Apple.
  • The Live Pause feature allows to pause the radio playback and rewind up to 15 minutes.
  • The iTunes tagging feature allows to tag a song on radio to buy it later in iTunes.
  • The pedometer doesn’t seem to go well along with the music playback, especially Genius Mixer. There is a clicking sound at the background and the music sounds distorted, so you can’t walk, count your steps and listen to your favorite music at the same time. Reloading via iTunes and updating the firmware don’t help the situation either. Also, the calories counter is not accurate.


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