Apple Watch: How to Configure the Reminders App

On Apple Watch, the Reminders App lurks in the background so that it can easily display notifications for reminders. By working on the Reminders screen in the Apple Watch screen on iPhone, users can choose between using custom alerts settings on Apple Watch or using the same alerts settings on Apple Watch as the Reminders app on iPhone. The introduction of an official Reminders app on the Apple Watch took place in September 2016 and it is great because this little app added to the smartwatch will help users get through all their errands throughout the day and keep track of our today’s busy life.

How to ACTUALLY Use Apple Reminders (iOS 16) [Video]

Video uploaded by Brandon Butch on September 6, 2022.

How to Configure the Reminders App

  • On iPhone press Home.
  • When the Home screen appears, press Apple Watch.
  • When the Apple Watch app appears, press My Watch.
  • On the My Watch screen tap Reminders.
  • The Reminders screen will appear. By default, Reminder uses Mirror My iPhone setting.
  • To customize Reminders alerts tap Custom. Otherwise skip the remaining lines.
  • Set the Show Alerts switch to On to see alerts for reminders as seeing alerts for reminders is usually useful.
  • Set the Sound switch to On to receive Sound notifications.
  • Set the Haptic switch to On to receive notifications via vibrations.

You can address reminders when you receive a notification. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the reminder and either Snooze, Complete, or Dismiss the notification.

WatchOS 3 Reminders App

A standalone Reminders app is one of the new features that ships with watchOS 3. The introduction of an official Reminders app on the Apple Watch in 2016 was a very good piece of news, just because this little app added to the watch will help you keep track of all the events and get through all your errands throughout the day.

The Reminders app is used with Siri since there is no keyboard to input text on the Apple Watch like there is on your iPhone. People who tried the Reminders app say that in the beginning using the Reminders app may feel a little awkward, but the sensation will go away shortly and the app will become a second nature to you in no time at all.

How to Set Reminder App with Siri

Whenever you need to set a Reminders app, all you have to do is launch Siri either by saying Hey Siri into your Apple Watch’s microphone or by pressing and holding on the Digital Crown of your watch. Once you activate Siri, you can ask Siri to remind you an upcoming event. For this, you can say something like, “Please remind me today in the evening that I need to buy flowers for my wife to apologize for yesterday’s refusal to help her with removal of snow form our yard”. Now Siri will obediently jot down your request directly into the Reminders app. If you designate an exact time in your reminder, the time will show up in the scheduled list as well as in your reminders list. It is also perfectly possible to tap on any reminder that appears in a list to mark it as completed.

How to Add Reminders to Specific Lists

Using Siri you will find that this lady (we also treat Siri as a very nice lady) is smart enough to add reminders to specific lists in your Reminders app. For example, if you have added a list named “Cruel Neighbors”, you can easily jot down neighbors -related reminders under, and then you can tell Siri to put the reminder on that list by saying something like, “Remind me tomorrow at 6 p.m. on my Cruel Neighbors list to go tell them the last time not to throw over the fence to my yard the snow they remove from their yard.”

Reminder Notifications

You already know that when it comes time to be notified of a reminder you have set, your watch will alert you of your reminder by tapping subtly but noticeably on the wrist. It lets you either snooze the notification, mark it completed, or dismiss the notification. Apple was clever enough to add a very useful functionality for the occasion: indeed, any time you make changes to the Reminders on your Apple Watch, whether you’re responding to any notification or decide mark a notification as completed in the app, the changes will be immediately synced over to your other devices automatically.

Reminders App and Force Touch Gesture

The Reminders app also plays with the Force Touch gesture. Whenever the user is in any list from their Reminders app, the user can press firmly on the display to reveal a button for showing or hiding all your completed reminders. Let’s say in conclusion that the Reminders app in watchOS 3 is really functional, and we are quite sure that the future watchOS updates will include new capabilities.


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  • I’ve looked for ages for such a detailed info about Apple Watch features. You’ll not find guidelines about configurine the reminders on Apple Watch. You’re the best, that’s true.

  • Can Apple Watch be set to remind me to take my medicine at 8:15 pm EVERY DAY?

  • I have done this with reminders for exercise.
    I set the reminder on my phone
    Take my meds
    Then press the blue i and all the options of time and repeats show up. So you can add 8:15 and repeat daily.
    That will then trigger a notification on you watch. Worth doing.

  • Ever since getting a new iPhone 12 Pro Max, Reminders I create on my Apple Watch via voice dictation, go to the wrong list. I have a default list in Reminders app on my iPhone (and MacBook Pro, AND iPad Pro… all configured with “Inbox” as my “Defalt” list…. but no matter what I try, it’s going to the wrong list (one called “Completed”).

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