Apple Watch

Apple Watch, a smartwatch designed and manufactured by Apple Inc, you’ll find all information about this device in this section.

How to Lock, Unlock, and Restart the Apple Watch

Each time the owner removes the Apple Watch from their wrist, the device will automatically lock. This will prevent others from accessing your data. When locked, the watch can’t be used for any purpose other than telling the time. (more…)

Apple Watch Notifications: The Complete Guide

The Apple Watch notifications screen enables users to keep up with incoming information. Users can tap on a notification to go to the app that raised the corresponding notification. The user can dismiss a notification that is no longer needed, or dismiss all notifications to clear the slate. (more…)

Apple Watch Glances – Feature Information

Apple Watch Glances provide access to apps and display chunks of useful information. The Setting Glance shows Apple Watch status and enables you to turn on Now Playing Glance – for controlling playback, Do Not Disturb, Silent Mode, Airplane Mode, Heartbeat Glance, Battery Glance, and Glances from key apps such as Activity, Weather, Stocks, and Calendar.

Turning on Airplane Mode disconnects your Apple Watch from your iPhone. While on a flight, turn the cellular connection off on your iPhone, and leave Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on. This way, you can still use your Apple Watch with your iPhone.


Apple Watch: Essential Moves

To navigate Apple Watch, the owner uses the Digital Crown, side button, and touch screen. Users can lock and restart the device, work with Glances and notifications, configure key settings, extend the battery runtime, reset the Home screen layout, and sync data. It is also possible to erase the Apple Watch and restore it from backup when necessary. (more…)

Apple Watch – Information, Models and Tech Specifications

The Apple Watch incorporates timepiece functionality, fitness tracking, communication, health evaluation, and more. The device runs on watchOS and is integrated with iOS 8.2 or later and other Apple products and services. It relies on a wirelessly connected iPhone 5 or later model to perform certain functions through Bluetooth. There are four variants of Apple Watch available: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch is distinguished by various combinations of cases and interchangeable bands.

Apple Watch

apple watch 2015 - Apple Watch – Information, Models and Tech Specifications
apple watch series one - Apple Watch – Information, Models and Tech Specifications
apple watch series two - Apple Watch – Information, Models and Tech Specifications
nike plus apple watch - Apple Watch – Information, Models and Tech Specifications

Apple Watch (2015-2016)

Apple Watch Series 1 (2016 - )

Apple Watch Series Two (2016)

Apple Watch Nike Plus

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