Apple Watch

Apple Watch, a smartwatch designed and manufactured by Apple Inc, you’ll find all information about this device in this section.

How to Set Up Apple Watch as a Remote for iTunes

Apple Watch includes a Remote app. That app allows you to control iTunes on your computer. But before you can use the Remote app to control iTunes, you must set Apple Watch as a Remote in iTunes by entering the passcode that the remote app displays on Apple Watch. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Use AirPlay

Use AirPlay: Apple’s AirPlay feature helps you to play music through remote speakers or a remote sound system, if that system supports the AirPlay standard. On iPhone you can stream music to speakers. You can also stream music, videos or photos, as well as other content to an Apple TV. You can use Apple Watch to control AirPlay on iPhone. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Control Music on iPhone

You can perfectly control the Music app on iPhone or iTunes on a computer, using Apple Watch. Apple Watch enables you to control playback in iTunes on a PC or Mac. This functionality is very useful when you connect your iPhone to your stereo system, either via a cable or via AirPlay. You can also use it when you are playing music on iPhone through earphones or headphones, and you don’t want to take the iPhone out of your pocket or purse to control the music. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to play music without your iPhone

Apple Watch enables you to play music to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. You can load up to 2 GB of music in the internal storage of the device, and play the songs back directly to headphones or speakers connected via Bluetooth. On Apple Watch, you can view the music organized by albums songs, artists, playlists. You can skip quickly forward or backward between songs. You can also control the volume by turning the Digital Crown. (more…)

Apple Watch: Productivity Apps

Apple Watch has a few essential built-in productivity apps. To make the most from the device, you may want to add third-party apps that provide more functionality. You may need a calculator app for quick calculations, an app that enables you read and take notes, a remote presentation app, and so on. As Apple Watch capabilities improve, new features are being added. Here come a few of these useful apps, many of which enable user to implement the Getting Things Done methodology (GTD for short), record audio on Apple Watch, and even apps to facilitate shopping online. (more…)

Apple Watch: Get Directions

With Apple Watch, you can quickly get directions to where you need to go. Either by starting from an app or by asking Siri, you can get directions to a contact’s address, to a favorite location or to a location you have recently viewed. You can also get direction to a new location that you specify by speaking. Starting from the Calendar, you can get directions to go to an event that has a location set. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Share Your Location

You can quickly share your location with the contact, with whom you are chatting in the Messages app, using Apple Watch. This capability helps you to meet with the contact if you need to convey your exact location clearly. For the Messages app on Apple Watch to share your location, you must allow the Message app on iPhone to use Location Services. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Use Passbook Guidelines

On Apple Watch, the Passbook app enables the user to carry essential documents on Apple Watch. The user can easily display them as needed. It is possible to add the boarding pass for a flight to Passbook and then display the boarding pass on Apple Watch to scan its Quick Response code (QR code) at the gate. The Passbook app on Apple Watch automatically syncs all the documents from the same app on iPhone. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Create a New Reminder

Reminders, a standalone app is now available by default in watch OS 3. As Apple Watch users already know, the Reminders app displays various categories of saved reminders and individual tasks. The tasks can be checked out as completed and a Force Touch brings out the list of the task completed. But there’s no way to add a Reminder within the app, except by “Hey Siri” function. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Create New Event

You can create a new event in your calendar, using Siri. After activating Siri by saying Hey Siri or by pressing and holding the Digital Crown, speak the details of the event you want to create. If you provide intelligible and complete information, Siri will display a calendar tile. It shows the event, so you can read and confirm it. However, if the information is incomplete or Siri can’t understand it, she will prompt you to fill in the gaps. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to View Upcoming Events

Apple Watch is a great tool. It helps users stay organized and be productive. Using the Calendar app, you can view on Apple Watch upcoming events for the day, by day or as a straightforward list. When you locate the event you are interested in, tap it to display the event. (more…)

Apple Watch Weather App: How to Check the Weather

The Weather app is one of the most useful features on Apple Watch. It gives the user quick access to essential weather information. In fact, it is very easy to switch among general weather conditions, rainfall percentages, temperatures for the upcoming hours and more. The owner of Apple Watch can navigate quite easily and swiftly from one’s city weather to another city’s weather. The user can also view the ten day forecast for any of the cities. (more…)

Apple Watch Stocks App: How to Track Your Stocks

Apple Watch includes the Stocks app which enables users to keep up with the movements of your chosen stocks anywhere you go. You can quickly view the current price, low and high prices, the latest change, and other information. To choose the stocks that you will be able to see in the Stocks app on Apple Watch, you must work on the Stocks screen in the Apple Watch ap on iPhone. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Use the Timer App

The Timer app on Apple Watch counts down a set period. It enables you to set a single timer to count down the time remaining for a period, for example, the time left to finish a task. You can choose between setting a timer of up to 12 hours or up to 24 hours. After setting the timer running, you can pause it. Then you can resume it as needed. (more…)

Apple Watch: Stopwatch app – complete guide

The Stopwatch app is useful for timing events. On Apple Watch, the Stopwatch app enables users to time events accurately to hundredth of seconds. This app helps to mark lap times during the timing, which is helpful when you track races. You can switch among four views to focus on different aspects of he timing: Analog, Digital, Graph, Hybrid. You can stop and restart the stopwatch and needed. You can reset the stopwatch when you finish timing. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Use the World Clock

On Apple Watch, the World Clock app tracks time in different cities of the world. This app enables the user to see the current time in his or her choice of cities, and display the clock information about the cities the user is interested in. The clock information shows the sunrise time, the sunset time, the time difference from your current time zone, and even an indication of the hours of light and dark. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Set Alarms

Apple Watch includes the Alarm app for setting alarms. This app enables you to set as many alarms as you need to be set on directly on Apple Watch. You can choose what days of the week you want the alarm to repeat. You can enable or disable the snooze function (this lets you get a few more minutes before the alarm rings again). You can name the alarm in order to identify it easily. After setting an alarm you can set it On or Off as needed. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Read and Manage E-Mail Messages

The Mail app enables the user to triage his or her e-mail messages on Apple Watch. It is possible to read the text components of the message, but some messages can contain elements that the Mail app cannot display.

Apart from reading messages, you can take three actions with them. Indeed, you can flag a message as important, you can mark a message as unread (even though you have opened it), and you can delete a message. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Send a Sketch, a Tap or a Heartbeat

On Apple Watch, the Digital Touch feature enables the user to send a sketch, a tap on the wrist or the user’s current heartbeat to another Apple Watch. To access this feature you can use the Friends app. For a sketch or a tap, the user can select the color to use by using the Color Picker. It is possible to customize the colors in the Color Picker with the colors the user prefers. Here come all three Digital Touch communication methods, that’s sketches, taps on the wrist and your heartbeat. (more…)