Apple Watch

Apple Watch, a smartwatch designed and manufactured by Apple Inc, you’ll find all information about this device in this section.

Apple Watch: Using Emoji to Send Messages

Apple Watch enables you to insert emoticons, smileys and other pictures in your messages, using the Emoji feature. Device provides two types of emojis: large emojis you can customize and send on their own; and hundreds of standard emoji that run the range from faces to drinks and animals, and as well as to clock faces. It is possible to send Emoji by using either the Messages app or the Message feature in the Friends app.

In fact, there are about 200 different animated emojis you can choose from on Apple Watch, ranging from simple faces of different colors to hand gestures, hearts and other objects. As we have already stated, all emojis can be accessed via Messages, and can be customized to fit any context.


How to Use Apple’s Handoff From Apple Watch to iPhone

Apple’s Handoff feature enables the user to start a task on one device and the continue it on another device. By using Apple’s Handoff, the user can answer a call in the Phone app on Apple Watch and then transfer it to iPhone so that you can complete it more comfortably. Similarly, you can start and instant message on one device and then complete it on the other device. Handoff was introduced with iOS 8. Handoff feature is highly useful to seamlessly work on different Apple devices. Handoff feature is also available on Apple Watch and it is pretty easy to setup and use. (more…)

Apple Watch Messages App: How to Reply to a Message

On Apple Watch the Messages app enables users to quickly reply to a message you receive on Apple Watch. The Messages app analyzes the message in the best possibly way can. It offers a selection of preset replies. If one of these is suitable, you can send it with a single tap of your finger. If not, you can dictate more suitable text and then send it. (more…)

How to Read and Manage Your Messages on Apple Watch

On Apple Watch, the Messages app enables you to read the messages on the screen and reply to them. You can also delete the messages you no longer need. To browse the messages, you must launch the Messages app from the Home screen. Then tap the conversation you want to view. You can also view a new message by tapping the notification that Apple Watch displays when the message arrives. (more…)

Apple Watch: Send a Message – Complete Guideline

You can send instant messages to your contacts using the Messages app on Apple Watch. It is possible either send one of the app’s preset text snippets (which tend to work better as replies sometimes). You can also dictate what you need to say to your contact. If you choose to dictate text, you can choose between sending only a transcript of the text or sending both the transcript and an audio file containing your message. (more…)

How to Receive Phone Calls on Apple Watch

Apple Watch enables you to see who is calling and to deal with the call, when iPhone receives it. You can accept the call and conduct it via Apple Watch. Or you can decline the cal to send the caller to voice mail. You can mute an incoming call, silencing the ringing (to give yourself time to decide whether to accept the call or decline it). (more…)

How to Make Phone Call on Apple Watch

Users can make and receive phone calls on Apple Watch using iPhone’s cellular connection. To do this, you need to open the Phone app on Apple Watch. Then you can quickly place a call by using the full Contacts list, the Recent list or the Favorites list. When iPhone has established the call, you conduct the call using the microphone and speakers on Apple Watch. You can control the volume, mute the call and end the call when you finish talking. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Use the Friend App

The Friends app enables users to stay in close touch with up to a dozen friends or contacts. You use the Friends screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone to choose friends and their order of appearance. Then you can quickly navigate the Friends app and display the screen for the friend you want to contact. You can place a call to the friend, send him or her an instant message or communicate via Digital Touch if your friend also has Apple Watch. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Dictate Text Using Siri

Siri enables you to interact with Apple Watch by using your voice. It is possible to use Siri both for dictation or for taking actions. Sire is the only way of inputting text on Apple Watch (except for choosing one of a set of preset replies in apps, such as messages. To get the most out of dictation, it helps to know the standard terms for dictating punctuation, capitalization, layout, symbols or formatting. And Siri will transcribe your speech accurately and quickly into correctly spelled and punctuated text. Siri enables you to dictate instant messages, e-mail messages, notes, reminders, and other text. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Deal With an App That Stops Responding

An app you are using on Apple Watch may stop responding to the controls. In the event of an app not responding, it is a good idea to allow the app several minutes to start responding again. But if the app persists and doesn’t want to respond, you will need to force the app to close. If this doesn’t help and the problems is still there, you may need to restart Apple Watch. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Rearrange Your Apps

Apple Watch lays the icons for its built-in apps and the apps you add in a cluster on the Home screen. Although you can easily navigate the Home screen to see apps, many users prefer to rearrange the apps into their preferred pattern so that they can quickly launch the apps they use most. The apps can be rearranged by using the App Layout screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone or by working directly on Apple Watch. (more…)

How to Uninstall App from iPhone and Apple Watch

How to Delete Apple Watch Apps – Tutorial [Video]

Video uploaded by Foxtecc on July 14, 2021.

The Apple Watch has thousands of apps already. Many more apps are to come to perform many useful or not so useful actions and transactions, or just to amaze you. But how do you take them off your Apple Watch, when you no longer need them or when you feel an app is not what you were searching altogether. Well, if you no longer need an App either on iPhone or on Apple Watch, you can easily uninstall the app you don’t want to keep from both devices. To uninstall this app or apps, you must work from the Home screen on iPhone. When you uninstall an app from iPhone, it automatically removes it from Apple Watch as well. (more…)

Apple Watch Apps: Control Automatic Downloading

If an app you have already installed on iPhone has an Apple Watch companion app available, iPhone can automatically download that app and install it on Apple Watch. These feature is useful, because it can give you access to companion apps you did know existed. (more…)

How to Download and Install App on Apple Watch

After you identified the app you’d like to get from the App store, you can quickly download it from the store and install it. As with most Apple Watch management tasks, you use the Apple Watch app on iPhone to download and install apps on Apple Watch. iPhone handles the installation automatically. You can start using the app on Apple Watch immediately. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Browse and Search the App Store

It is possible to download and install apps from the App Store service provided by Apple. These apps can add functionality to your Apple Watch. You can browse the App Store and search for any specific app you find interesting, by using the Apple Watch app on iPhone. Browsing the store enables you to look around and get an idea of the wide range of apps available. Searching enables you to locate particular apps by their names or by keywords. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Configure Handoff

The Handoff feature enables users to start a task on an Apple device and then continue it on another Apple device. The user can open a map on Apple Watch and then go straight to that location on iPhone. You need to turn on Handoff for your iPhone as a whole and then choose which groups of apps can use Handoff. Then you can turn on Handoff in the Apple Watch app in order to enable Apple Watch to use Handoff. So with Handoff, you can start work on one device, then switch to another nearby device and pick up where you left off. It is that simple. (more…)

Apple Watch: Workout App

Sedentary life is the plague of the modern world. No wonder we have to work out to make up for this morbid life style. And here a good reliable fitness tracker is what the doctor ordered. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Use Weather App

There’re a lot of weather apps on Store, but Weather App is the native app for Apple Watch. It comes in a bundle with watchOS. One can hardly underestimate the comfort of having a weather forecast on a wrist turn away. Temperature, precipitation, and even sunrise/sunset and moon phases can be displayed on your Apple Watch clock face. With a tap or a word, you can get access to any detailed information featuring any place in the world and any day of the week and time of the day. (more…)