Apple Watch

Apple Watch, a smartwatch designed and manufactured by Apple Inc, you’ll find all information about this device in this section.

Apple Watch: Set Language and Region

The Apple Watch application on the iPhone enables the user to set the display language for their Apple Watch to any language. It is also possible to choose from a range of region formats. These formats control how the Apple Watch displays information such as the date and time, numbers that involve commas and decimals, as well as currency. The owner can also choose which calendar to use on his or her Apple Watch: Gregorian, Japanese, Buddhist…

Apple Watch: How to Connect to Bluetooth Devices

The Apple Watch uses Bluetooth wireless communication to communicate and pair with the iPhone. Bluetooth also links the Apple Watch to other devices, such as health devices, speakers, or headphones. After pairing Bluetooth devices users can switch from one device to another. If the user no longer needs a particular Bluetooth device, they can tell the Apple Watch to forget about that device. (more…)

Apple Watch: Do Not Disturb Mode

The Apple Watch has a Do Not Disturb Mode that enables the user to shut off interruptions. You can turn this mode on and off from either the Settings app or from the Settings Glance. You can also turn on the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb setting. In this case, when you turn on Do Not Disturb on your device, the other device will pick up the setting automatically as long as the second device is in range. (more…)

Apple Watch Airplane Mode: How to Choose It and What To Do

The Airplane Mode feature is available on the Apple Watch. You can turn Airplane Mode on, if you need to turn off all communications (for example, when your plane is taking off or landing). Turning the Airplane Mode on or off on your Apple Watch is easy. You can also set the Apple Watch and paired iPhone to mirror the paired device settings. In this case, turning on Airplane Mode on your iPhone will also turn it on on your Apple Watch, and vice versa. (more…)

Configure Wrist and Crown Orientation

Most people (up to 90%) are right-handed, so the Apple Watch comes set up for wearing on the left wrist. You can change the watch orientation from left to right and specify which side the Digital Crown is on, enabling you to wear your Apple Watch with the Digital Crown either pointing toward your hand or toward your elbow. You can make the changes using the Settings App on the Apple Watch itself, or by using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. (And, yes, the Apple Watch designer Jony Ive is left handed!) (more…)

How to Update Apple Watch Software

It always help to install any software updates that Apple releases, to keep Apple Watch running well. Indeed, updated software usually contains fixes for problems. The updates may also contain new features or improve battery life. Use the Apple Watch app on iPhone to check for new Apple Watch software, and install it on Apple Watch. Don’t forget that to install an update Apple Watch should be charged to at least 50 percent. It must be connected to its charger, and have it within range of iPhone. Don’t forget to keep the Apple Watch on its charger until the update completes. (more…)

How To Check Apple Watch Storage and Usage

User can see how much storage is free on Apple Watch, and thus make sure the device does note run out of space. User can see a list of apps and the space each app occupies. The Apple Watch app on iPhone enables user to see the storage and how much standby Apple Watch has had since its last full charge. User can also see how much time his or her Apple Watch would have if it used Power Reserve Mode. (more…)

Check the Details on Apple Watch

You can use the About feature to see essential information about your Apple Watch. The About screen in the Apple Watch app enables you to see its hardware model number, the hardware serial number, capacity, the amount of space available, how many apps, photos and songs have been installed, as well as the software version. From the About screen, you can change the descriptive name for Apple Watch. (more…)

Navigate the Apple Watch App on iPhone

To configure your Apple Watch and the apps installed on it to suite you, use the Apple Watch app on iPhone and the Settings app on Apple Watch itself. The Apple Watch App can be managed from the My Watch screen. You can use the Explore screen and learn about different features. You can use the Featured screen to view featured apps on the App Store as well. You can also use the Search screen to search for apps by name, or by keyword or the “About” screen, which contains information about the watch. (more…)

Apple Watch Miscellaneous

The Apple Watch incorporates functionality, fitness tracking, communications, health evaluation and other options into a classic look. The device uses watchOS, which is integrated using iOS 8.2 or later with other Apple products and services. It relies on a wirelessly connected iPhone 5 or later models, in order to perform certain functions through the Bluetooth. Apple Watch is available in four versions: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermès and Apple Watch Edition. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Reset and Restore From Backup

You may need to erase your Apple Watch in order to recover from an issue if the settings on your Apple Watch become corrupted. Don’t forget, that erasing your Apple Watch removes all the content and data. But, you can restore the content and data easily from the backup afterwards. To erase your Apple Watch, use the Reset screen in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Reset Sync Data Guidelines

How to reset sync data: Apple Watch automatically syncs with the data from your iPhone. The Calendar app on your Apple Watch automatically syncs with the calendar data and the Contacts app automatically syncs with your contact info as well. (more…)

Apple Watch: Reset Home Screen Layout

You can customize the layout of the Home screen to display the apps to suit you. If you don’t like the layout you chose, you can reset the Home screen to its default layout, and start customizing the screen again from scratch. (more…)

Extending Runtime of the Battery

You will likely want to squeeze as much run-time as possible out of the Apple Watch battery. According to Apple, the battery is supposed to give you 18 hours of normal use. However, this time drops if you use demanding features, such as making phone calls, tracking workouts, playing back audio, etc. So, in order to be able to use your Apple Watch all day, you’ll need to try and manage your power usage. Here are some tricks to do just that: (more…)

Choose and Customize Watch Face

You can quickly customize Watch face among a selection of watch faces; including analog faces, digital faces, lively or impassive faces, as well as simple or very complex faces. (more…)

Setting Your Apple Watch Time Ahead

If you are often late for appointments, despite trying your best to be in time, you should try setting the clock ahead. Psychologically, this could help you stay ahead of schedule and be on time. The Apple Watch keeps time perfectly, as it synchronizes to within 50 milliseconds of the global standard time, accordwearableing to internet servers. Therefore, you will never need to adjust the time on the watch.

However, if you are among those users who prefer to display a time ahead of the real time, it is possible to adjust the time using the Set Clock Face Display Time Ahead feature.


Apple Watch Battery

The Apple Watch runs on a rechargeable battery. In order to get the most use and enjoyment out of the device, it must be recharged every day. (more…)

Apple Watch Miscellanea

Paired with an iPhone, the Apple Watch puts communications right on your wrist. You can make and receive phone calls, dictate texts, take actions using Siri, and send and receive messages and e-mails. You can also communicate with other Apple Watch users via digital touch. (more…)

How to Pair the Apple Watch with an iPhone

The Apple Watch requires an iPhone for setup, management, and for many of its main functions. The Apple Watch and iPhone communicate mainly via Bluetooth and need to be as close as possible to pair, even though the Apple Watch can also communicate with an iPhone via Wi-Fi. However, communicating via Wi-Fi will require more power than communicating via Bluetooth, and battery runtime will be shorter. That’s why the Apple Watch uses Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi whenever possible. In fact, Bluetooth has an effective range of up to around 30 feet, depending on how many obstacles are in the way. (more…)

How to Locate a Paired iPhone

The Apple Watch can be used to help the owner locate their paired iPhone when it’s lost. This feature may be very useful when you’ve misplaced your smartphone. The gadget enables you to play a pinging sound on the paired iPhone. However, to perform this capability, the Apple Watch and iPhone must be close enough to each other to communicate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. (more…)