Apple Watch

Apple Watch, a smartwatch designed and manufactured by Apple Inc, you’ll find all information about this device in this section.

Apple Watch: Configuring the Stocks App and Your Stocks

On Apple Watch, the Stock app enables users to stay up to date with the latest stock information on up to 20 stocks. It is easy to choose the default stock to display in Glances and as a complication on the watch face. It is also possible to choose the piece of information that the complication shows, such as the stock’s current price. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Sync Photos from your iPhone

Apple Watch can store up to 500 photos, and the user can see them anywhere using the Photo app. By working from the Photos screen in the Apple Watch on iPhone, the user can choose how many photos to sync, as well as the album from which to sync them. It is also possible to turn photos alerts On or Off. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Configure the Reminders App

On Apple Watch, the Reminders App lurks in the background so that it can easily display notifications for reminders. By working on the Reminders screen in the Apple Watch screen on iPhone, users can choose between using custom alerts settings on Apple Watch or using the same alerts settings on Apple Watch as the Reminders app on iPhone. The introduction of an official Reminders app on the Apple Watch took place in September 2016 and it is great because this little app added to the smartwatch will help users get through all their errands throughout the day and keep track of our today’s busy life.


Apple Watch: How to Configure the Phone App

The Phone App enables users to make and take calls using Apple Watch as microphone and speaker. By working on the Phone screen in the Apple Watch screen on iPhone you can configure the phone app on Apple Watch to use the same alerts settings as the Phone app on iPhone or to use custom alerts settings. You can turn the sound and heptic feedback for the ringtone on or off. (more…)

How to Choose Which Music to Sync to Apple Watch

Users can load music on Apple Watch so they can listen to it. Users can play music through Bluetooth devices such as headphones or portable speakers. Apple Watch can store up to 2GB in music or up to 250 songs. You can configure the music limit to suit your needs. You can then load music by syncing a playlist from iPhone. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Configure the Messages App

On Apple Watch, the Message App enables the user to stay on top of the instant messages. It is possible to choose which alerts to receive, by working from the Messages screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. Users can also decide how many repeat alerts to receive and whether to send read receipts for messages. Users can also customize their default replies and choose whether to send the dictated transcript or recorded audio files for audio messages. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Configure Passbook and Apple Pay

On Apple Watch, the Passbook app enables you to carry essential documents and present them easily to automated scanners. If you want, you can store your boarding pass in Passbook and use Apple Watch to display this boarding pass at the gate when boarding an airplane. As to Apple Pay, this app enables you to make contactless payments using Apple Watch. You need to set up your means of payment by using the Apple Watch app on iPhone beforehand, as Apple Watch does not automatically pick up the payment cards you set up in Passbook on iPhone. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Configure Maps App

The Apple Maps App enables users to determine their location quickly and to get directions from one place to another. By using the Maps screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone, user can control whether the Maps Glance appears in Glances on Apple Watch, which give users quick access to their location and to the Maps app. It is also possible to choose whether to receive turn alerts for turn-by-turn directions. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Use Mail App – Complete Guide

On Apple Watch, the Mail app enables users to keep up with their e-mail messages no matter where the users go. It is possible to configure settings on the Mail screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. You can either have Apple Watch mirror the settings you use on iPhone or choose custom settings for Apple Watch. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Block and Unblock Contacts

How to block and unblock contacts: Apple Watch allows to block a particular contact so that person will not be able to get in touch with you. Use the Friends screen in the Apple screen on iPhone to perform the action. When you block a contact, you block all the telephone numbers and all email addresses in the contact record. But you can then unlock individual phone numbers or e-mail addresses, leaving the other numbers and addresses blocked. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Add Friends and Change Their Order

Apple Watch enables you to quickly get in touch with up to twelve contacts you designate as Friends using the Friends app on Apple Watch. This app enables you to phone any friend or send them a text message. If your friend also has Apple Watch, it is possible to send him or her a sketch, a emoji or your heartbeat. Use the Friends screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone to control which friends appear on Apple Watch, as well as their order. (more…)

How to Configure the Contacts App on Apple Watch

On Apple Watch, the Contacts app enables users to get in touch with their contacts and to see who is contacting them. It is possible to configure the Contacts app and to control the sort order and display order of contact names by using the Contacts screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. User can also shorten names that are too long to fit on-screen. (more…)

How to Configure the Calendar App on Apple Watch

Apple Watch uses the Calendar app to enable the user to view the upcoming events, so that he or she can keep track of his or her commitments. It is possible to set the Calendar app on Apple Watch to mirror the Calendar app on iPhone, making Apple Watch automatically pick up iPhone’s Calendar settings. Alternatively, users can configure Calendar manually. Users can also choose whether the Calendar Glance appears on Apple Watch or not. (more…)

How to Configure Clock App on Apple Watch

Configure Clock App: On Apple Watch, the Clock app enables users to choose between 12-hour time and 24-hour time for digital watch faces. User can choose whether Apple Watch alerts them to timers and alarms set on iPhone and whether Apple Watch displays a red dot to alert them to unread notifications. User can also select a monogram to display in the Monogram complications on the Color watch face and customize the city abbreviations for the World Clock complication. (more…)

How to Configure Activity App on Apple Watch

Configure Activity App: Apple Watch includes many built-in apps, such as Clock, Contacts, Calendar, Friends, Activity, Mail, Maps and so on. The Apple Watch app on iPhone enables you to configure these apps to work with them the way you prefer. (more…)

Apple Watch: Configuring Accessibility Settings

Configuring Accessibility Settings: Various accessibility settings are designed to make Apple Watch easier to use for people with vision or hearing problems. Users can configure essential accessibility settings, that’s VoiceOver and Screen Curtain, Zoom, Reduce Motion, On/Off Labels, on Apple Watch. You can also configure the full range of accessibility settings by using the Apple Watch app on iPhone. (more…)

Apple Watch: Configuring Sounds and Haptics

The Apple Watch can communicate wordlessly using sounds and haptics. Sounds are audio alerts, whereas haptics are vibration alerts targeted at your wrist and arm. It is possible to configure the alert volume, adjust the haptic strength, and turn Prominent Haptic on or off, either from the Apple Watch itself, or by using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.. (more…)

Apple Watch: Receiving Notifications

The Apple Watch can display notifications from its own apps and from an iPhone. Users can choose which notifications to receive, and whether to receive haptic or sound notifications for each app. You can also choose whether to have the notification indicator on your Apple Watch alert you to unread notifications. You can enable or disable Notifications Privacy, in which case the details of each notification will be hidden until you tap an alert. (more…)

Apple Watch: Passcode

As your Apple Watch may contain sensitive and personal data, you should secure it with a passcode. You can set or change a passcode either directly on the Apple Watch itself, or by using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, giving this app a command and then entering the passcode on your Apple Watch. (more…)

Apple Watch: Hey Siri

How to turn on the Hey Siri feature on your Apple Watch: Siri is Apple’s voice-driven virtual assistant technology. It enables users to take many different actions on their Apple Watch, such as setting timers and alarms, creating reminders or notes, finding information online, and more. (more…)