iPad Model Numbers

In this article we will walk you through choosing the iPad model numbers. Apple introduced the first iPad on April 3, 2010. Since that, every iPad generation and type added something new to the specifications of the device. For example, the iPad 2 reduced the thickness of the device, and the iPad 3rd generation added a Retina Display. The iPad Air reduced the thickness even more and the iPad Air 2 added the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, among other features.

iPad Model Numbers

As all iPads look more or less the same for an inexperienced eye, you may need some help in identifying iPad models (for example, if you decide to sell an old iPad and the potential buyer asks your about the type of your device). The easiest way to find out which model you have is by looking at the model number printed on the back cover of the iPad. Just look there and consult this list of model numbers to determine what model you have:


iPad ModeliPad NumberDescription
iPad Pro 9.7-inch,
A1673Wi-Fi Only
A1674Wi-Fi + Cellular
A1675Wi-Fi + Cellular
iPad Pro 12.9-inch,
A1584Wi-Fi Only
A1652Wi-Fi + Cellular
iPad Air 2,
late 2014
A1566Wi-Fi Only
A1567Wi-Fi + Cellular
iPad Air,
late 2013 and early 2014

A1474Wi-Fi Only
A1475Wi-Fi + Cellular
A1476Wi-Fi + Cellular (TD-LTE)
iPad mini 4,
late 2015

A1538Wi-Fi Only
A1550Wi-Fi + Cellular
iPad mini 3,
late 2014
A1599Wi-Fi Only
A1600Wi-Fi + Cellular
iPad mini 2,
late 2013 and early 2014
A1489Wi-Fi Only
A1490Wi-Fi + Cellular
A1491Wi-Fi + Cellular (TD-LTE)
iPad mini,
late 2012
A1432Wi-Fi Only
A1454Wi-Fi + Cellular
A1455Wi-Fi + Cellular (MM)
iPad (5th generation),
A1822Wi-Fi Only
A1823Wi-Fi + Cellular
iPad (4th generation),
late 2012
A1458Wi-Fi Only
A1459Wi-Fi + Cellular
A1460Wi-Fi + Cellular (MM)
iPad (3rd generation),
early 2012
A1416Wi-Fi Only
A1430Wi-Fi + Cellular
A1403Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ)
iPad 2,
A1395Wi-Fi Only
A1396GSM model
A1397CDMA model
A1219Wi-Fi only
A1337Wi-Fi + 3G



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