PCs Altogether: All you want to know about Computer

These texts define the basic concepts of personal computer and its hardware, software, peripherals and accessories and thus are not destined to hardware technicians or experienced users.

PCs Altogether

On the contrary, for our reader who has just bought his or her first PC running Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, this section is a great place to start. Besides, many users who have owned a PC for a few years and are looking for a place where to trade in their old computers for top cash, some of the terms specified below are still unknown!

List of Articles

Personal Computer and World

  • Microsoft Surface Dial – Surface Dial is the new mouse-like manipulator, developed and manufactured by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Accessories – Here we display the accessories designed and built by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Surface Pen – A digital stylus manufactured and sold by Microsoft within the Surface tablets line-up.
  • Surface Remix Project Cover – This cover or ‘blade’ is an accessory for Windows Surface 2 and Windows Surface Pro 2 hybrid tablets.
  • Type Cover – An accessory for Windows Surface hybrid tablets, that looks like a slim, traditional keyboard with moving keys.
  • Touch Cover – An accessory for Windows Surface Pro hybrid tablets,, this keyboard is pressure sensitive with soft touch scissor-switch keys, a touchpad and a magnetic docking connection to attach it to the tablet.
  • Touch Cover 2 – Keyboard for Windows Surface 2 and Windows Surface Pro 2 hybrid tablets.
  • Personal Computer: Basic Terms – A new PC’s user should discover some PC basic terms referring to the specific parts of the computer.
  • Types of Laptops – All laptops have been created different; they vary by size, weight, power, functionalities, the way users can input data, etc.
  • How to Buy a Personal Computer – A few tips about buying a PC.
  • Desktop PC Against the Mobile Device – What type of the PC should you purchase for your specific needs?
  • Desktop Personal Computer and Its Common Components – The components you will find on and in just about any desktop PC these days.
  • Surface Pro 4 Against Macbook – As the new musical ad declares, Macs are as useful as a hat for your cat. Is it true?
  • Image Basics – Most of the images you can see in the Net, download or import from a camera are so called raster images.
  • Biometrics – Biometrical world… There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.
  • All-In-One Personal Computer – Windows fans and haters have to circle the 26th of October in their calendars, a this is the date of annual event Microsoft presents new products, rumors have it.
  • Not Surface Windows Tablets: Before and Beyond – Windows tablets had had their share long before Surface entered the market.





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